Health Astrology: Know what your birth journal tells about your health

Health Astrology: Know what your birth journal tells about your health
Health Astrology

The well-known dictum - 'First happiness is a healthy body ' That is to be healthy, to remain healthy is considered as the first happiness. But sometimes such a planetary position is created in the birth journal that the person is not able to remain healthy and is always sick. The 6th house of a birth journal is about the disease. The ruler of the 6th house, which in the astrological language is called Shashtesh, is representative of the disease.

If the birth of a person has the influence of an auspicious planet in the 6th house and is situated in the auspicious expressions of the Sastesh horoscope, then such a person is often diseased. Diseases affect him soon, but on the contrary, if the influence of inauspicious planets on 6th house and position in the best house is inauspicious, then such a person remains mostly healthy and healthy.

Does Dasha tell that you are going to get sick?

By not only having the pathological planetary conditions in the birth journal, you do not become sick or sick, but in this also the demise and the yogi condition play their important role. If you want to know more then you can consult a famous astrologer in world. When there is a reversal of inauspicious planets with the Mahadasha and Antarash of Sastesh on any native or the condition of Marrakesh, during this period there is a complete possibility of the person being diseased.

Your Kundali indicates about your disease

Your birth journal is able to tell not only the time of the disease but also the nature of the disease. If your horoscope has a combination of Shateshka Chaturthi or if there is a vision of Shashtesh on the fourth house and the influence of inauspicious planets or Marrakesh on the fourth house, then this planetary position indicates heart disease.

In the same way, seeing the effect of the fifth house on the fifth house and fifth house, seventh house and seventh house, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Guru, Saturn, Lagna, etc., a scholarly divine will know the nature of your disease and the astrology predictions and remedy and duration of retirement from that disease. Is able to tell.

Therefore, whenever you are sick, be sure to consult a scholar astrologer along with medical treatment. Obtaining astrologer guidance along with medical treatment increases the chances of an increase in benefits.

  • Sun- Eye and head diseases
  • Lunar- cold-cold, insomnia, lung infection
  • Mars - High blood pressure, anemia, blood-related diseases, cardiovascular diseases
  • Mercury - Skin diseases, speech defects
  • Guru - stomach diseases, gas, brainlessness
  • Venus- sexual diseases, urinary diseases
  • Saturn- Vata related, pain in knees, leg injury, bone fracture, mental depression (depression), etc.
  • Rahu- Insanity, depression, accidental injury
  • Ketu- surgery, rectal disease, hemorrhoids, dental disease

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