Is It Possible to Get Solution of Inter-Caste Marriage Using Astrology?

Is It Possible to Get Solution of Inter-Caste Marriage Using Astrology?
Get Solution of Inter-Caste Marriage Using Astrology

The inter caste marriage is one of the term that is not allowed in our society and both the parties that the both parties belong to the different castes and therefore it helps to share a lot of differences. In the inter caste love marriage the girl and the boy have to face a lot of troubles from their families from the parents as well as society because they both belong to different castes. In our culture everyone believe to the astrology, it includes matching of horoscope matching and palmistry; especially when we are talking in context of marriage.

If you are looking to bring your love life to the end of marriage, then these astrological measures can help you. In love marriage, sometimes the parents of the girl are never ready to marry the family of the boy and then the society interrupts. Sometimes, in the name of richness and poverty, sometimes marriage is not allowed in the name of caste and poverty. Although times have changed a lot these days, but there is some kind of hindrance in the matter of love marriage. We are going to tell you some such measures today, which you will get rid of all the problems one by one after trying from today

This gem will help you

Wear a diamond or opal gem for the success of love marriage and keep a fast on 16 Monday. These gems help you to bring love to marriage and Lord Shiva's grace is received by Monday's fast, so that there is no problem in marriage.

The horoscope is the place of marriage of Panchamesh and Saptamesh. The lord of the fifth house is Chandra Dev and the lord of the seventh house is the seventh. When this yoga is formed then love marriage takes place. For this you wear pearls to please Chandra, the lord of Panchamesh. By doing this, the horoscope will make love marriage and your wish will be fulfilled.

It also makes hurdle in love marriage

Due to Mangal Dosh, there is a hindrance in love marriage. If there is any demand from both of them then troubleshoot Mangal Dosh otherwise problems have to be faced later. In astrology, Kumbh Vivah and Vat Vivah are considered to be the main remedies to remove Mangal Dosha.

Lord Ganesha will be happy with this remedy

According to astrology consultancy, worship Lord Ganesha on the first Wednesday of the Shukla Paksha of any month and offer them grass, yellow laddus, vermilion and roli etc. Do not consume salt on this day. Marriage is formed by the grace of Lord Ganesha and parents get ready for your marriage.

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