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We are providing the information which is related about the personal data. On our website dainik astrology we keep your data and personal information fully safe. We as Dainik Astrology is the registered firm of the astrology as well as we frequently provide the information, blogs and much more on our astrology website With the help of the data controller person your all data is safe and secure.

All the useful information will be publically available on our astrology portal. It all depends on you that if you choose that your personal information will be displayed publically then it will be published otherwise it will not published. At the time of the collecting user’s personal information we take such as:

  • User IP address & web log information
  • Email address
  • Page view of our site
  • Traffic info

Additionally, user can avail many astrological services as per their need. For instance:

  • We offer astrology related and other services
  • Resolve all the troubleshooting issues that comes under user on his site
  • We offer special packages to our clients
  • We use the customize tool for our respected client
  • We advice that use our services with the limitation of our policy & take the benefit


  • Therefore we did not share any of the confidential information or not even disclosed the users strictly confidential. Our astrology website dainik astrology did not share any of the fraudulent activity.
  • We regularly post and update the information. 
  • As an astrology website we have all the rights to accept the personal information of the user.
  • If any of the person post the information which is beyond our limitation then we have right of suspend that person.
  • At our website we did not accept the person’s post who supports and do the illegal activity
  • We will look forward to spread our services across the world of every business operations.
  • Google's use of the Double-click cookie activate it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and/or other sites on the Internet.
  • Any of the tantric methods are not allowed in our organization
  • The impact of the gems and measures are not a proven fact
  • By using the information from the astrology website dainik astrology you can spread your business services on our portal.
  • If any mail or message comes from the other mail id with the same relevant format then do not accept it because in this case we are not responsible for any negative activity.

Data Security

Dainik Astrology uses the registered security system for the website to protect the precious data. Without having your information your data will never disclose on the site or any other website.

General Policy

Dainik Astrology is the authorized for updating the services, privacy policy and terms of use any time. Consequently if we merge with another company then it is the common base that we also share ours personal information with that company. If you have any issues then contact us.

You Can Book Online Puja for Your Problems

Durga Saptasati Puja

Durga Saptasati is one of the best puja that is performed for achieving the victory in all fields and eliminate the things that are stopping you from achieving the success.

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Ganesh Puja

Every devotee know that the lord ganesha is associated with the auspiciousness. When someone worship the lord ganesha that it helps people to bring the good health, knowledge, wealth, peace and prosperity to his or her life.

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Hanuman Pooja

If you will worship the lord hanuman then you can able to protect himself from the evil forces, demons, ghost shadows and relive him or herself from the suffering and troubles.

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Lakshmi Puja

At one time the designated panditji will perform only one puja. The duration of this puja is : 4 to 4.5 hours. Additionally the sankalp will be taken in order to align the puja with the purpose and make it personalized.

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Rudrabhishek Puja

If you want to get the blessing of Lord Shiva then you can perform the Rudrabhishekam. So the history behind the puja is that, Lord Rama performed it at Rameshwaram before he crossed the sea to reach Lanka to retrieve Sita and defeat Ravana.

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Surya Puja

Surya is considered as the main deity of the navagrahas. For the reason the sun is the only visible form of the god that can be seen by us.

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Vishnu Puja

We all know that lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe and the part of the hindu trinity: brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

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Shani Grah Shanti Puja

According to the vedic astrology it is considered that the shani means that one who moves slowly. Shani takes two and a half years to cross the one zodiac sign

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