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Bollywood Career Problem

Anamika Arora

I wanted to act in Bollywood films but I was not getting work anywhere, due to which I used to be very upset. Seeing my problem, a friend of mine suggested me to take the help of astrology. I have consulted many astrologers but to no avail. Then one day I saw the advertisements of daily astrology from somewhere and I contacted them and did their mentioned work and it helped me a lot and today my career has started in Bollywood. I am deeply grateful to Daily Astrology

Shikha Gupta

Inter Cast Marriage

My name is Shikha Gupta, I used to work in a company Jha I fell in love with a boy. But the cast of both of us was different due to which my family members were not getting ready for our marriage. Then I thought of resorting to astrology and contacted Daily Astrology. Its astrologer is very professional. Whatever measures he asked me to do, I did all that and my doubts were resolved. Today my married life is going very well


Kaal Sarp Dosh

Hello, Mera Naam Rahul Hai I was looking for a job for a long time but I was getting disappointment from everywhere. Then one of my acquaintances told me that I should take the help of an astrologer. Then one day I saw the advertisements of daily astrology on the internet, then I contacted them, they told me that there is Kaal Sarp Dosh in my horoscope. Due to the advice of the Astrologer of Dainik Astrology, my Kaal Sarp Dosh was removed and I got a job for which I thank Dainik Astrology from the bottom of my heart


Love Issue

My name is Rajiv, I am working in an MNC company, I fell in love with a girl from my own company and she was in love with me, at first everything was fine, but then there was a problem in our love, for the solution of which I used daily astrology. Took the help of an Astrologer of Astrology. Today my love life is much better than mine due to his advice. Thank you Dainik Astrology for helping me.

Ishita Jain

Love Affair Problem

It was a tough time for me when I split with my boyfriend and I wanted my boyfriend back in my life. Daily astrology helped me a lot to get out of this problem. Thanks to Daily Astrology for bringing my love back to life.


Husband and Wife Problem

My name is Rakesh. There was a lot of dispute going on between my wife or me, we were quarreling every day, there was a lot of anger in the house. Then a friend of mine gave me daily astrology’s suggestion. i told the astrologer my problem then he suggested some methods and my problem is over. now me and my wife live together happily.


Job problem

Hey i am Kunal i was very worried about my job and my career for a long time, wherever I went for a job, I used to get disappointment from everywhere. One day i saw Dainik Astrology's ads on social media and contect him they suggested me some easy solution's and it was worked. Finally i got a job. Thank you Dainik astrology for the suggestions.


Palm reading

palm reading is an art and daily astrology's astrologer is exceptional in Palm reading. Whatever he told me was absolutely accurate, I was very much impressed by him.


Astrology consultancy

Astrologer of Daily Astrology is the best astrologer in the world. All the prediction and suggestions given by him are all correct and helpful.


Family problem

For some time there was a lot of problem in my family. everyday was worried about something . Then I took the help of astrologer and i was follow all his suggestions and my family problems are over now . Thanku Dainik astrology for helping me.

Abhinav Shukla

Parents approval for marriage

when i was studying i am fell in love with a girl and we want to get married but our family was not agree for this. I took the help of an astrologer and took the Suggestion given by him and my parents agreed to get married. Thanku Dainik Astrology.

Neha Dubey

Inter Cast Marriage

My name is Neha Dubey I was in love with a boy or we wanted to get married but he was from different caste And there was a lot of problem in our marriage. one day I saw the aids of daily astrology on social media and I did the remedies mentioned by them and my family agreed to get married.

Anjali Jain

Manglik Dosh

I could not get married due to Manglik Dosh. then i had consult may alstrologrs but i was not satisfaid with them and finally i get Dainik Astrology's astrologer he gave me suggestions on how I can remove Manglik Dosha and it really worked and i get married.Thankyou Dainik Astrology for remove my manglik dosh.

Abhey Tank

Kundli Problem

Many people have a lot of problems in their horoscope and I had the same condition due to which I was facing a lot of problem in getting a job.But when I contacted Dainik Astrology, they told me remedies for and it help me and i get a job.


Husband Wife Dispute Problem

There was a lot of problems between me and my wife, our relationship had come to the point of divorce but the help of dainik astrology's astrologer i was overcome my all problems. his methods are helped me to come out form my problems and i save my marriage life. Thankyou Dainik Astrology to save my marriage life.

Rekha Verma

Inter Caste Marriage Problem

When I was studying, I fell in love with a girl and I wanted to marry her but she belonged to a different caste and my family members were not agreeing to it.Then one day I saw the advertisement of Dainik Astrology and I contacted them and i was follow all suggestion which given me by him and aftre doing all these my family is agree for my marriage. Thankyou dainik Astrology.


Marriage Problem

There was a lot of problem in my marriage and today I am finally married.This is possible only with the help of Dainik Astrology, so thank you from the heart, Dainik Astrology.


Love Problem

According to me, everyone has a Common pronlem of love in life and I was also one of them until I got the support of Dainik Astrology. Today my all love problems are over.This was possible only with the suggestion of Dainik Astrology.


Palm Reading

I was having a lot of problems in my life and i Showed my hand so many astrologers but no one give satisfied solution. One day my friend told about Dainik Astrology And I was very impressed with the methods that daily astrology gives. Thankyou Dainik Astrology for all your methods it helps me alot to grow my career.

Sunita Sharma

Face Reading

Face reading is an art of astrology. Earlier I did not know about it, then I came to know from Dainik Astrology how it works. I got information about face reading from them and Dainik Astrology proved very helpful information for me and I tend to make mistakes in life. This information has made my life very easy.

Vinita Jetwani

Nadi Dosh

There was lot of problem in my marriage due to nadi dosha in my horoscope.But with the help of Dainik Astrology, my nadi dosha got removed and I got married and my marriage is going very well.

Gaurav Sharma

Career Problem

I completed my graduation in 2018. And I also worked in many places. But I was not able to work in one place for long. I benefited from the suggestions given by Dainik Astrology, today I am able to make steady progress in my career.


Parents Approval for Marriage

I was studying in the city and I fell in love with a girl. But my family members are of old thoughts. Due to such fear, I took the help of an astrologer. My family members agreed with the simple solution given by him.

Saanvi Kapoor

Parents Approval For Marriage

I was studying in the city and I fell in love with a girl. But my family members are of old thoughts. Due to such fear, I took the help of an astrologer. My family members agreed with the simple solution given by him.


Inter Caste Marrige Problem

Caste is considered paramount in my society. My girlfriend already knew about Dainik Astrology, with the help of that I got my family members to agree to inter caste marriage.

Nishta Verma

Marriage Issues

I don't know why I was being rejected from the relationship of marriage. We had everything like our own business, good respect in the society. My mother showed the horoscope in Dainik Astrology and on her advice we got Navagraha Puja done. Within a few months, the date of my marriage was also fixed.


Manglik Dosh

After my engagement, I came to know that I have Manglik Dosh and due to this my engagement got called off. I got such freedom from the effective remedies and Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja done by Dainik Astrology.


Divorce Problem

There was a rift between me and my husband for a few years of marriage, I always tried to save our relationship but I lost. I read about dainik Astrology on social media and contacted them. And for me, it was very rewarding. I am deeply grateful to dainik Astrology.


Family Problem

There was always discord in my family, I asked about this at someplace. But I got disappointment from all sides. At the behest of my friend, I contacted Dainik Astrology, we got relief from the remedy given by him. It was really a happy feeling for me.


Love Solution

Most people have problems with love in life and I also had many problems. thank God. I contacted Dainik Astrology at right time, today all my love problems are over. The technique suggested by him gave me new hope for my life.

Bobby Chawla

Job Problem

I completed my graduation Three years ago. After that, I gave interviews in many companies but everywhere I got disappointed. When my family members took information about this in Dainik Astrology, they came to know that I have Shani Dosha, After that they got me worshiped for it, after a few days I got selected in a company, I wholeheartedly thank Dainik Astrology.

Anurag Basu

Business Problem

Due to Corona, my Business has been badly affected for the last 20 months. My Business came to a standstill. But by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi through Dainik astrology, my Business got a boost. Due to Dainik Astrology, I was able to save my Business from the outbreak of the epidemic from Corona. Thank you for your service.

Garima Bakshi

Family Problems

Fights and fights were going on in my family for many years, there was no end to them, with the advice of my acquaintance, I contacted Dainik Astrology. All the information given by him turned out to be very accurate and due to his effective remedy gradually the quarrels in our family came to an end. The service of daily astrology is amazing and effective.

Aachal Khatri

My EX Lover Back

Thank you for serving Dainik Astrology. I fought with my boyfriend, I felt a lack of love in life, I wanted my ex-love back, for this daily astrology helped me a lot, due to which I could get my love back. All this was possible only because of the methods suggested by him.

Nitesh Agarwal

Married Life issues

I had married life issues in my life. We had differences of opinion on many things. I came to know about daily astrology online. With his advice and tricks my married life issues started to subside gradually, changes were visible in my relationship from day one, it proved to be really beneficial for me, which saved my relationship from breakdown and it was due to daily astrology. This could be a new beginning of our relationship because of our daily astrology.

Dilip Jain

Kaal Sarp Dosha Pooja

I was facing problems in every sector of life whether it is career, success, job, love and family. Then i consulted expert of dainik astrology, he analyzed my kundali and found that kaal sarp dosha is present, After that he perform online kaal sarp dosha pooja to eliminate the defeat from my horoscope. Now i am happy to get success and happiness in every field.

Kajal Verma

Gemstone Suggestion

My career path is full with massive hurdles, i consulted them for guidance of gemstone that suits best to me for my career and the gemstone that they suggested me really works best for my career growth.

Sakshi Kriplani

Love Marriage Issue

All of the couples who want to get married with their lover face issues and i am one of them, my parents were totally against my marriage then i consult dainik astrology experts and they suggested me some of the astrology remedies and it makes my love marriage dream come true. Thank you so much.

Manish Yadav

Love Relationship Problem

I am so thankful for dainik astrology services, i was facing bad times in my love relationship, some of my relative suggested me to consult the experts of dainik astrology. I consulted them and very happy and pleased with their services. Now my love life is on smooth track only because of best love problem solution services.

Naveen Arora

Get Love Back

After my breakup, I was missing my ex girlfriend, after putting alot of effrots i am not able to bring her back. Then on google i searched for best astrology website and then i came to found dainik astrology portal. Here i consulted astrologer and he suggested me some of the remedies that are really very helpful to bring my girlfriend back.

Mamta Sharma

Love Marriage Problem

As we all heard that people face alot of issues when they want to get married with their lover, and i am also one of them who was facing issues in the love marriage path. One of my known advised me to consult dainik astrology experts to get love marriage problem solution, and i was really surprised to get the effective results. Thank you so much expert.

Rahul Upadhaya

Intercaste Marriage Problem

Me and my girlfriend want to get married. But due to the intercast, the families of both of them refused. I could not understand how to persuade the family members, then as a ray of hope, pandit ji provide me guidance. He told some simple measures, due to which both of us parents agreed. And now we are leading a happy married life.

Akshay Singh

Love Marriage Problem

My parents agreed to my love marriage but suddenly my lover refused it. I was depressed and took the help of Pandit Ji. He helped to make her agree and eliminate every issue that arise in the love life.

Akshita Verma

Convince Parents for Marriage

Thank you so much pandit ji. My parents were not ready for my marriage as my lover (girlfriend) was from the different community. But with the proper guidance of astrologer my parents are ready to meet her and her family. I got solution for dealing with inter caste marriage.

Pratik Sharma

Astrology Consultancy

I was facing very difficult time on personal and professional life. In the beginning he noted some of the inaccuracy in my birth time and then he suggested me simplest remedies to perform.His results was very accurate and effective and I saw the results within the months.

Amita Jain

Divorce Problem Solution

I want to stop a divorce between me and my husband. I have taken help of Pandit Ji who has helped me to stop this situation of divorce easily by providing best divorce problem solution.

Karan Singh

Career Problem Solution

I have great pleasure in thanking Pandit Ji for his accurate prediction. I got a job within his predicted time period. After completing my graduation and master degree I was not getting job. I am so depressed and sad. So at that time I consulted Panditji to deal with my career problem.

Palak Sharma

Love Problem Solution

Thank you so much pandit ji. I was going through bad phase in my relationship due to my parents. I suffered alot of issues in my love life. My family is not allowing me to talk to him. I was very sad. I consulted pandit ji and got right advice to make everything happy. Now i am enjoying my life.

Charu Meena

Astrology Predictions

It is a great service to get a quick and prompt astrology predictions consultation. Astrologer is a very gentle and kind person and provided simple & effective remedies with reliable solutions to eliminate all the issues that are arising in your life with great predictions.

Sahil Ahuja

Relationship Problem

I was going through the toughest time in my relationship. Things were falling apart and nothing was working. A friend of mine suggested to talk to him.He explained to me so nicely how my planets are responsible for my relationship problem. He also advised me some of the remedies to deal with the is

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