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Rahul Upadhaya

Intercaste Marriage Problem

Me and my girlfriend want to get married. But due to the intercast, the families of both of them refused. I could not understand how to persuade the family members, then as a ray of hope, pandit ji provide me guidance. He told some simple measures, due to which both of us parents agreed. And now we are leading a happy married life.

Akshay Singh

Love Marriage Problem

My parents agreed to my love marriage but suddenly my lover refused it. I was depressed and took the help of Pandit Ji. He helped to make her agree and eliminate every issue that arise in the love life.

Akshita Verma

Convince Parents for Marriage

Thank you so much pandit ji. My parents were not ready for my marriage as my lover (girlfriend) was from the different community. But with the proper guidance of astrologer my parents are ready to meet her and her family. I got solution for dealing with inter caste marriage.

Pratik Sharma

Astrology Consultancy

I was facing very difficult time on personal and professional life. In the beginning he noted some of the inaccuracy in my birth time and then he suggested me simplest remedies to perform.His results was very accurate and effective and I saw the results within the months.

Amita Jain

Divorce Problem Solution

I want to stop a divorce between me and my husband. I have taken help of Pandit Ji who has helped me to stop this situation of divorce easily by providing best divorce problem solution.

Karan Singh

Career Problem Solution

I have great pleasure in thanking Pandit Ji for his accurate prediction. I got a job within his predicted time period. After completing my graduation and master degree I was not getting job. I am so depressed and sad. So at that time I consulted Panditji to deal with my career problem.

Palak Sharma

Love Problem Solution

Thank you so much pandit ji. I was going through bad phase in my relationship due to my parents. I suffered alot of issues in my love life. My family is not allowing me to talk to him. I was very sad. I consulted pandit ji and got right advice to make everything happy. Now i am enjoying my life.

Charu Meena

Astrology Predictions

It is a great service to get a quick and prompt astrology predictions consultation. Astrologer is a very gentle and kind person and provided simple & effective remedies with reliable solutions to eliminate all the issues that are arising in your life with great predictions.

Sahil Ahuja

Relationship Problem

I was going through the toughest time in my relationship. Things were falling apart and nothing was working. A friend of mine suggested to talk to him.He explained to me so nicely how my planets are responsible for my relationship problem. He also advised me some of the remedies to deal with the is

Saumya Verma

Kundali Match Making

I was looking a astrologer who can solve my problems related to kundali matching problems I was facing. I had consulted many astrologers all over India, but they were not able to help me out for the problems I had for Manglik and Non Manglik Problems I had with my partner. And I am very happy.

Nita Gaur

Marriage Problem

I have consulted astrologer for myself and i would like to say that he has provided valuable guidance to me regarding my Marriage. I was in extreme dilemma regarding my marriage but he solved my dilemma immediately. Also provided his valuable guidance regarding my marriage issues. His advice gave me

Riya Joshi

Love Relationship Problem

Thank you so much astrologer. My boyfriend has now become quite compatible and honest to live a happy and caring love life. Your astrological solutions are really effective to make the things work in favor. My issue was much complicated and impossible to be resolved. With proper guidance of astrolog

Harshita Shah

Career Problem

Wonderful consultation with astrologer. I was extremely worried and confused regarding a lot of things and much more about career problem and the consultation helped me in more than one ways. After trying a lot and with nothing going right for me, it was reassuring to know that things will change

Monika Chauhan

Mangal Dosha Problem

I was having mangal dosha problem in my kundali. Due to this dosha i was facing several issues in getting married. I am so worried about mangal dosha but after getting consultation from astrologer, i am so happy. He gave me easy remedies to remove the mangal dosha.

Sanjay Rana

Love Marriage Problem

Thank you so much astrologer. For my love marriage he gave me reliable solution. Astrologer is reliable and trustworthy person. By consulting astrologer my life is settled with my desired partner. He provides remedies to make the world beautiful and hassle-free for you.

Sneha Singh

Astrology Consultancy

Fo me his services are really effective. I was totally depressed and astrologer provides me the remedies that changed my life. Astrologer is amazing at his work and he is genuine person. With his proper guidance i am happy and doing great in my life. I am really thankful to him and really appreciate

Sagar Sharma

Astrology Consultancy

Great guidance! I am very happy with your astrology service. Thanks for your proper advice.

Muskaan Singh

Marriage Problem Solution

With the proper guidance of an astrologer, my married life becomes peaceful, harmonious, and quite good. Thank you for your reliable remedies.

Krishna Singh

Love Problem Solution

I was facing complex time in love life from past few months. Then i contacted dainik astrology and they provided me love problem solution to deal with my issues. Thank you so much.

Swati Jain

Get My Love Back

My life was disturbed after the separation from my boyfriend. I was totally broken mentally. But after great consultation from dainik astrology my lost lover get back in my life again.

Megha Srivastava

Family Problem Solution

One of the best places for astrological solutions. With your guidance, I got reliable and effective solutions. Thank you to make my family life again aligned in all manner. Thank you so much.

Shubham Mathur

Horoscope Reading

A big thank you for your kind and generous attention to my horoscope reading.

Kartik Gupta

Husband Wife Problem Solution

My wife got separated from me on some chores, by availing dainik astrology services I am able to bring my wife back in life again and living happy marriage life. Thank you.

Rishabh Sharma

Negative Energy Removal

From the last many months i was in trap of negative energy and always sick, but someone provide me your number and my life got changed from that day. I am well now and happy to live a stressfree life. Thank you Sir!

Arnav Singh

Job Problem Solution

I got the job within the predicted time period. I am thankful for your quick an effective solution.

Hritesh Soni

Astrology Predictions

I have a great pleasure in thanking accurate astrology predictions of dainik astrology.

Shivangi Sharma

Love Problem Solution

Thank you so much for providing me the hope when i couldn't see any. Your ability is remarkable to provide love problem solution.

Gaurav Joshi


He has great analysis of the situations. Thank you for helping me out.

Avinash Agrawal

Business Problem

I was experiencing a much difficult time in my career path then at that time I sought remedies from him last year. The first time he noted was the inaccuracy in my time of birth and suggested to me the simplest remedies to perform. Astrologer has vast knowledge as his prediction was very accurate.

Rakesh soni

Career Problem

Dainik Astrology is best astro site in India | In all aspects of life your predictions are ... "I must tell you that you re managing the most extraordinary horoscope website!

Rohit Sharma

Love problem solution

“Dainik Astrology has contributed a lot in astrology and beyond any question. I wish them all the very best in their good work and for a bright future as well.”

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