Astrology Remedies to Deal with Business Problems

Astrology Remedies to Deal with Business Problems
Business Problem Solution

Business Problem Solution by Astrology

Everyone dreams of progress and earning money in life and he works hard to achieve it. Even after trying many times, he does not get the desired success. There are many ways to get progress in Vastu Shastra tips whether it is job or business. If this happens to you too, then we are going to tell you some tricks in architecture which can prove to be lucky in your business

If you want to get success in business, then along with hard work, you should also make some efforts to strengthen your planets. If hard work and luck come together, then nothing can stop you from being successful. Burn rose fragrance incense sticks at the place of business and recite Shri Suktam every Friday. Let us know what is the relation of luck and planets with business.

What is the relation of luck and planets with business?

  • The role of a single planet is behind every kind of business and business.
  • If that planet is good then business flourishes.
  • If that planet is weak then the business either stops or harms
  • Sometimes the business planet gets messed up due to a planet, in such a situation the business fluctuates.
  • By strengthening the business-related planet, we can improve our work to a great extent.

Textile business

  • This business deals with many planets
  • But mainly this is the business of Venus
  • To improve this business, chant the mantra of Venus in the morning and evening
  • Wear a rhinestone garland around the neck
  • Offer white sweets to Goddess Lakshmi every Friday
  • As far as possible avoid using black

Food business

  • The grain business is mainly Jupiter's business
  • Venus plays a role in cooked food.
  • The moon is mainly behind aquatic food
  • Worship Shri Krishna for success in every kind of food business
  • Chant "Klein Krishna Klein" 108 times in the morning and evening
  • Apply white or yellow sandal on the forehead
  • Have a yellow silk handkerchief with you
  • Cosmetics or women related business
  • This business is purely related to Venus
  • Somewhere the role of the moon also comes in it.
  • Establish Goddess Lakshmi at your workplace for success in this business
  • Give them perfume of rose fragrance every morning
  • Then chant "Om Shree Shriya Namah"
  • Offer white fragrant flowers to the goddess every Friday evening

Business of land, construction, contracting etc.

  • The main planet of this business is - Mars
  • If Mars is weak then this business sinks, debts also go up
  • Establish red colored Hanuman ji for success in this business
  • Burn jasmine oil lamp in front of them in the morning
  • After this, recite Hanuman Chalisa once by speaking
  • Distribute Halwa to laborers on Tuesday

Education, Consultancy Business

  • This business is related to Mercury, Jupiter and Venus
  • But Jupiter's business is mainly
  • Lord Shiva should be worshiped for success in this business
  • Offer white or yellow flowers to Lord Shiva in the morning
  • Then chant "Om Ashutoshay Namah"
  • Make your workplace light yellow or white

Business of iron, coal or petrol etc.

  • This business is of Saturn and to a lesser extent Mars
  • Must wear a ring to succeed in this business
  • Tie a black silk thread to the right wrist or put a black strap watch
  • Chant "Om Shan Shanishrai Namah" 108 times every night
  • Donate sesame seeds on Saturday

Ways to succeed in the job using astrology consultancy

  • If you want success in the job then
  • Wear an iron ring in the middle finger
  • Mustard lamp mustard oil lamp under peepal every Saturday

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