Effective Vastu Tips for Entrance or Main Door

Effective Vastu Tips for Entrance or Main Door

Effective Vastu Tips for Entrance or Main Door

The entrance of the house or the main door is the most important part of any house. This is because this is the point from where all energies enter and exit the premises. That's why it is very important to pay attention to the entrance of the place where you live. You must also know that there are Vastu tips for a home full of love, prosperity and happiness. Who should we follow? It is essential that you ensure that your entrance door is set properly because if negative energies enter the house, they can ruin the peace and well-being of the family members.

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This article gives information about the effective measures mentioned in the context of the main door or entrance door of the house. Let's have a quick read through these points which are divided according to the main do's and don'ts you need to keep in mind.

Vastu tips for the main entrance of the house

Here is a list of few things that you must follow to have the right Vastu entrance door for your home:

• First and foremost the main door of your house should be the biggest door of your house.

• If you have two shutter door in your house then it is considered auspicious. Make sure the door opens inward and in a clockwise direction.

• It is not only the size of the door that is important but also the wood it is made of, so make sure you are using good quality wood.

• Also make sure that the door does not make any noise when you open or close it.

• Always put a beautiful name plate outside the entrance as it is a good way to attract wealth and prosperity.

• Always keep your entrance clean and well lighted.

• Always keep the threshold at the entrance of your house so that you do not lose your wealth.

• Make sure you make your main entrance beautiful and attractive. You can do this by getting some nice paint or some attractive design painted there.

• It is advisable that your main entrance is slightly above ground level. What is below is not recommended at ground level. Use odd number of stairs at the main door.

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• As far as the main door is concerned, the best suggestion is to have two main doors in the house. Use one for entry and the other for exit. The one you use for entry should have one shutter and the one you use for exit should have two shutters. The entrance door should be big in size.

• The entrance should not be near any corner.

• Replace damaged doors with new ones.

• Doors and windows should always be in even numbers. Make sure the count doesn't end with a zero.

Important Do's and don'ts for the main entrance of the house

Here is a list of some of the things that should be kept in mind while making the main entrance of the house.

• There should not be such an entrance which is in front of the entrance of any other house.

• Avoid choosing doors that are sliding or have slanted or circular openings for the entrance.

• Your main door should not be directly opposite the compound wall.

• Do not keep shoes just outside the main door. Keep them aside.

• There should not be a water tank or underground tank under the main door of the house.

• There should not be any main entrance which is shadowed by buildings or plants or trees.

• Don't make your main door in black colour.

• The main door should not be in the middle of the wall.

• Do not place your main door facing the intersecting roads.

• Do not go to lock the main door of the house on your own.

• Doors and windows should not be in arched pattern as they obstruct the flow of positive energy in the house.

• Don't make any religious place right in front of your main door.

• Do not place your entrance door in front of any electric pole or pole or wires.

Keep all these things in mind while planning your main entrance. It is important that you focus on all these points so that you can enjoy a home with a Vastu friendly entrance. Apart from this, if you wish, you can also contact our world famous astrologer.This will surely bring a lot of positive energy in your home which will help you to prosper in every sense.

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