Practice Bridge Pose Yoga daily to eliminate diseases

Practice Bridge Pose Yoga daily to eliminate diseases
Practice Bridge Pose Yoga daily to eliminate diseases

To maintain good health, experts advise all people to do regular exercise and yoga. Doing yoga can be especially beneficial to reduce the risk of many serious types of health problems along with the circulation of energy in the body. Different types of yoga have been told to overcome all kinds of problems. The yoga that we are going to talk about today is Setubandhasana i.e. Bridge Pose Yoga.

Bridge pose yoga is considered to be particularly beneficial for curing many problems related to waist and back. Along with strengthening the back, glutes, legs and ankles, the practice of Setubandhasana is considered beneficial in keeping the chest, heart and hip muscles healthy.

How to Practice Bridge Pose Yoga

According to health experts, to get the maximum benefit from any yoga, it is necessary to do it in the right way. To do Setubandhasana yoga, first of all lie down on your back. Bend your knees with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Keeping the palms open, keep the hand straight on the ground. Now while inhaling, lift the waist part upwards, keep the shoulders and head on the flat ground. While exhaling, come back to the previous position.

Beneficial In Arthritis

Bridge pose yoga is considered one of the most beneficial yoga exercises for the hips, waist and knees. People who have arthritis problems can benefit from practicing Setubandhasana regularly. Apart from this, this yoga practice is also considered very effective in reducing back pain.

Practice For Peace Of Mind

According to experts, Setubandhasana is not only considered helpful in removing problems like back pain, insomnia and arthritis, as well as practicing it reduces the risk of mental diseases. Practicing this yoga asana can be beneficial for you in reducing stress hormones.

Beneficial In Asthma

Practicing bridge pose yoga regularly is also considered beneficial in reducing the complications of asthma. According to world famous astrologer, this yoga can be practiced regularly to open up the lungs and reduce all the breathing complications.