According to astrology, it is believed that a person's life goes according to his birth chart. When good times will come and when problems will be faced, it can all be known by looking at the horoscope. But in the end what is a horoscope?

Whenever a person is born, his horoscope is determined based on the planets and constellations present at that moment. Those planets and constellations leave their own influence on a person's life and accordingly the direction of one's life is decided. The 27 Nakshatras are the signs of a lunar-based zodiac, in compliment to the twelve-sign solar-based zodiac. The Moon travels approximately 27.3 days to complete its orbit around the Earth relative to the "fixed" stars (the Moon's sidereal period), about 13° 20' per day, hence the 27 Nakshatras, also referred to as "Lunar Mansions".

Along with the Sun and the Moon, we know many times about the other planets how they make an impact on a person's life. Apart from this, we have also told you that very few people are aware of the impact of different constellations on your life.

Each Nakshatra also has a ruler (lord). In this case, the Lunar Nodes (Ketu and Rahu) are used in addition to the seven Traditional Rulers. The order of the rulers start with Ketu (the South Lunar Node), followed by Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu (the North Lunar Node), Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. The set repeats three times, starting in Ashwini, Magha and Mula. Thus we have the sign, its ruler, and the Nakshatra and its ruler. For example, we have the sign Aries with Mars ruling in the masculine expression, amalgamating with Ashwini ruled by the South Node. Bharani, ruled by Venus, also expresses in the sign of Aries, and partly in Taurus.

Know about Nakshatra

Ashwini nakshatra

People born in Ashwini Nakshatra will get success if they do any work related to traffic. Apart from this, fields related to sports, medicines, agriculture, gym, jeweler and goldsmith etc. will also benefit.

Bharani nakshatra

Those born in Bharni Nakshatra should work for the midwife, housekeeper, mortuary officer and cremation.

Rodent constellation

People born in Kritika nakshatra can be successful in such an area, which is associated with sharp thing or sharp edge. You can get involved with the manufacture of knives and swords or can also prove to be a good blacksmith or a lawyer.

Rohini nakshatra

People related to Rohini Nakshatra will get success if they join the work of food and drink. You can also be a good artist, singer and musician. People born in this nakshatra are creative.

Mrigashira nakshatra

Education, astronomy and keeping an account of money - all these areas will also benefit you. People involved in cloth work will also get benefit.

Ardra Nakshatra

It will be beneficial for you to do electrical equipment or any other electrical related work. Areas related to computer, technology, mathematics, scientific and gaming etc. are for you.

Reincarnation constellation

If you are employed in hotel management or do initiation work then you will get benefit. Historians or people who raise sheep will also achieve success.

Pushya nakshatra

Catering and hoteliers are also in good business. Leaders, rulers, people doing religious work, teachers and teachers etc. get benefits.

Ashlesha Nakshatra

People related to the petroleum, cigarette, legal and pharmaceutical related industries will definitely get the benefits. People born in this nakshatra are tantric, snake venom, cat keepers, secret servants and psychologists.

Magha Nakshatra

People born in this nakshatra are not royal but they have direct contact with the royal houses. They can also be their managers and important employees.

Prefabricated constellation

If people born in this nakshatra trade goods or precious gems related to women, then they surely get success.

Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra

People born in this nakshatra, heads of religious institutions or priests, philanthropists, those associated with charity work, marriage-related advice or international issues also achieve success.

Hand constellation

If the people of jewelry, health-related works, comedians, writing fictional stories, novelists, people associated with radio or television industry are concerned with Hasta Nakshatra.

Chitra nakshatra

Those who run their own business, home furnishing, jewelry making, fashion designers, models, cosmetic, vastu-feng shui, graphic artists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, stage artists, singers - people working in these fields surely succeed.

Swati nakshatra

People who run business, singers, instrumentalists, engage in study work, independent workers, engage in social service are successful.

Visakha nakshatra

Og, who works in the fields of wine, fashion, art as well as speaking, achieves success. Apart from this, successful politicians, sportsmen, religious leaders, dancers, soldiers, critics and criminals are also related to this constellation.

Anuradha Nakshatra

Engaged in hypnosis, astrologers, cinema related fields, photographers, factory workers, industrial sector, scientists, mathematicians, data experts, numerology experts, mines, foreign trade people achieve success Huh.

Jyestha Nakshatra

People working in areas related to policy making, government officials, reporters, radio jockeys, news readers, talk show hosts, speakers, black magicians, detectives, mafia, surgeons, hand artisans, athletes etc. We do.

Original constellation

For people born in this nakshatra, the fields related to medicines, justice, espionage, defense and studies will get success. Also speaker, public leader, vegetable merchant, bodyguard, wrestler, mathematician, son