Convince the Parents In This Way For Intercaste Love Marriage

Convince the Parents In This Way For Intercaste Love Marriage
Convince the Parents In This Way For Intercaste Love Marriage

India is a country where marriage is not just considered as a relationship of life, but a relationship after birth and hence any parent pays attention to every small detail while deciding the marriage of their child. In the changing times, although there has definitely been some difference in the thinking of people, but still most of the parents want such a groom for their daughter, who is of their own religion. But it is said that love is blind. When you like or love someone, do not first ask him what religion he belongs to. However, convincing family members, especially parents, to marry a boy of another religion is certainly very difficult. If you love your partner very much and want to marry him by consulting world famous astrologer. On the other hand, if you want to convince your parents for marriage in such a way that they do not feel bad, then you can take the help of some tips for this.

See Their Reaction

Before you tell the parents about your love life or start talking about marriage, you should try to know how their reaction will be to the talk of marriage in the other cast. For example, you should talk about any of your friends or relatives who have done intercaste marriage. After that see the reaction of your parents. This will make it easier for you to understand what their decision may be regarding your love life or how difficult it will be for you to convince them.

Start Like This

According to love marriage astrology, your parents may be strongly against intercaste marriage. In such a situation, together with your partner, first talk to his parents. If they both agree to your marriage then it will make half your job easier. Also, once your partner's parents agree, it will be easier for you to convince your parents.

Don't Insist

Many times it happens that children insist in front of parents that they will marry only with their partner or they also try to emotionally blackmail their parents. With this, his parents may agree to the marriage, but he can never accept your choice by heart. So don't make this mistake. Instead of putting any kind of pressure on your parents, ask them to meet your choice once. During the meeting, when your parents are sure that the guy is right for you and you will be happy in that house with him, they will easily agree. Anyway, for every parent, the happiness of their children matters the most.

Get Support

It may be that you are not able to express yourself openly in front of your parents due to fear and hesitation or after getting angry with them, you are not able to talk about your marriage and love life. In such a situation, make someone your support in the house. For this, share your feelings with your elder brother or any person with whom you can talk openly. Also, that person can easily explain to your parents. If your elder brother or brother-in-law will like that boy, then surely he will convince your parents easily.

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