Follow 10 Vastu Measures to Avoid Quarrels with Your Partner

Follow 10 Vastu Measures to Avoid Quarrels with Your Partner
Vastu Measures to Avoid Quarrels with Your Partner

Marriage is a divine bond that connects people of two different views. Whether it is based on arranged marriage or Love marriage. Many times newly married couples are unable to enjoy their happy married life. This may also be due to not following Vastu in a happy married life. By the way, everyone wants their married life to be peaceful and happy. But some obstacles cause problems in your married life, so these should be taken care of beforehand. To get the knowledge of Vastu Shastra, you should seek the help of an experienced world famous astrologer, who gives some suggestions from which you can lead a blissful married life.

Importance of Vastu for Happy Married Life

There is a saying that a couple comes from heaven, but the same couples do not make the earth a heaven. Often married couples have a bedroom, where they get privacy. But each place is made by the rules of Vastu shastra, so it is very important to apply Vastu guidelines to make marital life successful.

Bedroom location

The bedroom of the married couple is built in the southwest or northwest direction of the house. It helps to provide the husband-wife dispute solution.

Bed direction

The bed should be placed in such a way that the husband and wife should sleep with their head facing south as it will increase the free flow of positive energy from the north direction.

Use wooden furniture

Married couple rooms should only be filled with furniture made of wood. Beds, dressing tables, study tables, etc. - Everything should be made of wood and glass and metal items should be avoided.

Use a mattress

The married couple should sleep on the same mattress as it represents unity in thoughts and feelings. It promotes love and brings positivity in their married life.

Keep bedroom stress free

Stress is a major threat to the harmony of a married couple. This often spoils the relationship and leads to separation and divorce. Therefore, the couple should give enough time to each other and never let the tension become an obstacle in their marital bond.

Use lighter colors

Married couple's bedroom should be painted with light and soothing colors of pink, green and blue. Avoid dark colors at all costs as they attract negative energies and create obstacles in a couple's married life.

No sting please

If there is a roof beam just above the couple's bed, then shift the bed. Sleeping under the beam has a bad effect on health. At the same time it invites negativity and suffering.

Avoid the mirror

Placing a mirror in the bedroom leads to quarrels and arguments between the couple as the mirror is believed to attract evil powers. Therefore, you should keep a mirror away from the bed and cover it with cloth at night time.

Room decoration

Married couple's rooms should be decorated with their family photos and couple photos that bring a smile to their face as they relate to those happy moments.

Say no to electronic devices

Avoid keeping any electronic gadgets such as television, laptop, mobile phone etc. in the bedroom. If this is not possible, then you should keep them away from the bed. The electromagnetic rays of the gadget are very harmful to health and can also cause tension between the couple.

These few Vastu tips can add color to your colorless married life. If you are suffering from serious problems in your relationship, you can consult a celebrity astrologer who will provide you with a personal solution, which can help you to make your marriage joyful and calm.

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