Lal Kitab Remedies for Divorce Problem of Couples

Lal Kitab Remedies for Divorce Problem of Couples
Lal Kitab Remedies for Divorce Problem of Couples

Marriage is a sacred relation in our Indian culture in which two people along with their families enter into the relationship and help advance their family ambitions of having offspring. Marriage is a relation that is at an emotional, physical and mental leave and carries out their responsibilities in life jointly. There are a lot of the differences that crop up between the husband wives in the marriage.

For the reason the relationship of the husband and wife is bound by the soul not bodies. If one partner is upset in the relationship the love and affection between them never dies and it remains intact. There are some of the times when conflicts occur and it can cause differences among the couples. Here we are providing some of the astrologically reasons for the separation that can be easily known from the birth horoscope of both husband and wife.

Below mention are some of the reasons that can cause husband wife problem:

  • Manglik dosha of one partner that caused due to unmatched kundali
  • Presence of malefic in the marriage houses like the second, seventh and lagna house.
  • Mismatch dasha of both partners
  • Moon sign Lords are inimical to each other
  • The presence of nadi dosha in the Ashtakoot Milan

Remedies to prevent the breaking up of marriage

  1. Many a times differences between husband and wife relationship or they are separated from each other and there is a possibility of break up of a marriage. In that situation, one can try out remedies to avoid separation.
  2. This remedy should be performed on Friday in Shukla Paksha when Moon is positioned auspiciously in the birth chart. The place where you are going to perform this remedy should be clean and pure. One must wash the area with Ganga water before performing the remedy. It would be ideal to sit on a red coloured woolen blanket and face north.
  3. According to astrology consultancy they must worship Goddess Parvati and chant the Mantra mentioned below. Every time the Mantra is chanted green lentils should be offered to the Goddess. After chanting of Mantra, one should pray to Goddess Parvati or the ancestral Lord seeking peace and happiness in married life.
  4. Once done a square-shaped wooden box should be taken. The red cloth should be folded four times and put in the box. Along with that one should offer 108 green lentils in a bowl and light a Diya in front of an image of Goddess Parvati on its right-hand side. You can consult world famous astrologer for more information.
  5. Next the bowl of lentils should be revolved around oneself for seven times and fed to the birds. Circumstances will improve soon and everything will settle down if this remedy is performed regularly for 21 or 31 days with full faith and purity of feelings.

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