Body language Saying about your Relationship

Body language Saying about your Relationship
Body language Saying about your Relationship

Body language Saying about your Relationship

While we'd all want to assume that our spouse expresses their thoughts and feelings through words, this isn't always the case. If you suspect your significant other is unhappy, you should look at their body language as well as what they say. Body language cues present a much clearer picture of what's going on in a relationship than words. Body language may indicate everything a person is thinking but not necessarily saying, from the way they stand to the way they embrace.

Are you wondering if your significant other's hands, eyes, feet, or even elbows are indicating trouble? We've compiled a list of body language indicators that experts believe indicate the end of a common Relationship problems, so you can start having those difficult discussions if required.

Lip moment

Regardless of how hard your spouse tries to hide their true sentiments, their body language will eventually reveal them.

Faking smile

People in good relationships don't have to fake their excitement. According to Virginia psychotherapists, seeing your spouse with "a smile that doesn't go all the way up to their eyes" is typically a very clear sign that something is wrong in the relationship.

Making gestures using the left hand

When your spouse makes a motion with their hands, take attention to which hand they use—left or right. Why? Too much rubbing of the left eye with the left hand suggests, 'Do not see very well what I'm saying, since I'm not being completely honest with you.'"If you observe your partner using their left hand more and more, it's time to start questioning those "late nights at the office."

Pupils won't get enlarged

A recent survey discovered that when you see someone you're sexually attracted to, your eyes almost immediately give you away. This is because dilated pupils indicate sexual excitement. So, if you suspect a partner is losing physical interest in you, simply glance into their eyes; their pupils will tell you all you need to know.

Starts giving a short answer

When your spouse replies to your queries and suggestions with short, one-word answers like "yes," "no," and "OK," this is most certainly a linguistic indication that your relationship is in trouble. Of course, your significant other might be stressed or busy, but if their tone is irritated and hostile, it's reasonable to think you're the source of their annoyance.

Walking ahead of a partner

Walking on the same plane usually suggests that there is the mutual respect in the relationship and that the pair works well together. So, if one spouse is doing it alone, that's a terrible omen, according to Orbuch (here are more signs your relationship is toxic). "One person in front of me says they're in a hurry; I wish you were going quicker, and you're not as essential to me as whatever I'm working toward right now." It's a symptom that the pair isn't working well together and maybe unhappy.

Nonetheless, Orbuch emphasises the need of taking into account the circumstances "Many times, guys allow women to enter a room first, or go first in a line, or walk ahead of them if they're walking in a single file, and this is a sign of respect and compassion." So, if you're constantly completely on par with your spouse, there may be other things at work. If just one person

No kissing

Kissing is personal, but it may signify different things depending on how you and your partner do it. Kissing on the lips is the most intimate, but there is a distinction between a peck on the lips given to a first-date partner or family member and a longer, deeper kiss on the lips given to a loving partner. According to Orbuch, a greater duration of any kiss indicates that the two are more romantically engaged.

Kisses on the cheek are normally reserved for close friends, but for some, it is a greeting.Orbuch believes there's a lot of disagreement regarding what the forehead kiss symbolises. "I believe it is a symbol of increased authority and prestige for the kisser." "Parents do that to their children, and older people do it to younger, smaller individuals,". She elaborates. "Or it says I have an edge over you because 'I have higher intelligence, hence'."  Sitting on lap

Most couples won't sit on each other's lap until they're quite comfortable with each other, thus it signals closeness and that they've probably been dating for a long. Touching on the thigh or knee is also a sign of desire and connection that most new couples would not express.


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