Ways to Reduce the Gap between you and Your Partner in Relationship

Ways to Reduce the Gap between you and  Your Partner in Relationship
Ways to Reduce the Gap between you and your partner in Relationship

Marriage isn't necessarily a positive or negative experience. To be clear, I am not claiming that there are no terrible marriages in the world. In certain cases, persons must leave a marriage due to irreconcilable values, adultery, abuse, or other factors. I'm also not arguing that marriages are either positive or negative. Wedded life for most of us entails acknowledging our chosen partner's redeeming virtues and undesirable characteristics. Many of us are undoubtedly familiar with a couple that broke up because they began to focus on what irritated them about their spouse rather than what they appreciated about them. When we acknowledge who our spouse is and what they have to give us, we are affirming them.

How to Keep Your Relationship Strong

Attempting to recognise efforts

Because my husband has been sick with a stomach bug this week, I went to the grocery and bought him soup, electrolyte water, ginger ale, and crackers. He thanked me twice for stopping to purchase these supplies for him when I returned home with them, even though he was unwell. I was quite aware of his deliberate aim to express gratitude twice. Despite his miserable state, he made an attempt to thank me, and his simple words made me feel thankful and connected to him. This is a simple storey, but it serves as a reminder that seeing and appreciating our spouse may help us grow closer.

Recognize your partner's contributions.

If we want our marriage to endure, we must express our appreciation for our spouses and understand what they contribute to the table. Rather than focusing on what the marriage does not provide, it is critical to recognise the everyday benefits our partner provides to us. For example, maybe we're fed up with our relationship's diminishing sex life. This is difficult and must be addressed, but we need closeness to have a happy sex life, therefore it is critical to seek for what your partner is doing right. If we go out of our way to tell our other half, it will benefit our marriage.

We may create connections by affirming our spouse, which can lead to emotional and physical closeness. Perhaps our spouse is a fantastic father, useful around the house, humorous, a terrific friend, or an excellent listener. When we tell our spouses what we like about them, they will feel closer to us, and we will feel closer to them.

Maintain a relationship with your partner.

By recognising and sharing our marriage's strengths, I am pushing for us to locate the areas of joy and connection in our partnership. Even if I'm encouraging us to notice the excellence in our spouse, we don't have to ignore our relationship's growing pains. If we need more time with our significant other or more physical touch, we must be honest with them. However, we must be cautious in how we express this. Here's an example of how to connect with the person you love and how not to.

How not to communicate

When you didn't call, I was concerned. I understand you have a lot on your plate at work, but I cherish our time together and need you to let me know if you are going to be late. I've been missing you recently, and I'd want for us to spend some quality time together. Which of the aforementioned exchanges is most likely to create a connection? When your partner has let you down, the second interaction is a mature way to respond. However, we've all been guilty of utilising you-statements when we've been disappointed by our relationship problems.

When we criticise our loved ones and make you-statements, we put them on the defensive, and they are more likely to shut down and not listen to us. I-statements make us accountable for our own emotions and ask our partners to understand what we need from them and why we are hurting.

Make an effort to be less accusatory.

Take a minute to analyse whether you've recently made a negative comment about your partner. How can focusing on the positive aspects of our spouse and communicating our frustrations in a less accusatory manner assist us in developing a more life-affirming relationship? If we've constructed a barrier between ourselves and our partner, I feel that complementing them, expressing thank you, and asserting our demands using gentler language can help us break down the barrier. We will be able to see each other once this barrier is removed, and we will be able to return to our marriage's sensitivity and joy.

Consult Astrologer 

When there are certain ups and downs in marriages, we should see an Astrologer, just as we would consult a doctor who cures our illnesses. Because of various malefic planets, your partner's conduct shifts. You should get the advice of a reputable and Famous astrologer to ensure that you do not suffer any future marital troubles.