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Navgreh / Navgraha Yantra

Navgreh / Navgraha Yantra

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Navagraha yantra is very effective as it shows the placement order of the squares of the planets should be present with you for reference

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The combination of nine yantras that represent the nine planets in the solar system is Navagrah Yantra. According to Hindu Mythology, the Navgrah Yantra is considered best when they are placed on Bhojpatra. One can avail the maximum benefits if it is on Bhojpatra. Nine yantra that were used to make the Navagrah Yantra are Surya Yantra(Sun), Chandra Yantra(Moon), Mangal Yantra(Mars), Budh Yantra(Mercury), Guru Yantra(Jupiter), Shukra Yantra(Venus), Shani Yantra(Saturn), Rahu Yantra(Rahu), and Ketu Yantra(Ketu). All these nine important yantras represent the nine planets of the solar system. The yantra has magnificent power of the planets that bestows the wearer ample of the benefits in life.

Mantra to Chant:

“Om Navgraha Devataayai Namah”

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