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Opal Stone

Opal Stone

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Opal stone is one which constitutes all the colors of the visible spectrum. The name Opal gemstone is derived from the three sources which include Latin that is “Opalus”, the second one is from the Greek word which means “Opallios” that means changing of shade and finally, the last one is from the ancient Sanskrit word “Upala” which means the most precious stone.

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Opal Gemstone Details

This gemstone usually shows numerous colors when moved under white light. The white opal stone has the ability to change negative energy into positive one with its mystical properties. This gemstone can be worn as jewellery but mostly as rings or bracelets irrespective of the native’s Horoscope. It is a gem of beauty, charm, wealth and divine grace. Opal stone bestows the power of fulfillment to the wearer and enhances financial prosperity. Opal is the gemstone for planet Venus that brings love and happiness in life.

What is the purpose of wearing opal gemstone?

Opal is associated with Venus and helps the wearer in getting the benefits of Venus. Venus is related to luxury and relationship. Opal is related to Sahasrara Chakra, which connects one with universal awareness. Though it is the birthstone of October, opal can be adorned by people born in other months for its benefits or simply for its beauty. Opal gemstone strengthens planet Venus, which is the ruler of relationships and luxury in Vedic Astrology. Therefore, wearing Opal brings satisfaction and strength in marital relations and helps in achieving a more beautiful life which is full of charm, art, grace, loyalty, faith fullness, culture and luxury.

Furthermore, it purifies blood, kidneys, regulates insulin, eases childbirth, and alleviates PMS and improves the immune system. Overall, the stone is said to be the most useful in preventing bad health. This stone gives strength and the ability to take back control over their lives to the wearer. Also, the wearer should this recite this Mantra to energize the stone with positive energy.

Do you know what are the Astrological Benefits of Opal Gemstone

  • It not only heal the ailments of the body but also enhance the spiritual powers of the native.
  • Opal Gemstone provides Neuro-stability to its wearer as it creates a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • This transcendental Gemstone changes its colors in accordance with the health of its wearer. With the slight illness, this gemstone will turn into a dull gray shade.
  • The wearer of an Opal get benefit from it as it cures several problems related to eyes, throat, spleen, bone marrow, pancreas, and reproductive organs.
  • People with Opal as their Birthstones are calm and gentle, this gemstone provides satisfaction and serenity to its wearer.
  • It relieves the pain and makes the wearer relaxed and tension free.

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