Your progress is related to this direction of the house, know which one?

Your progress is related to this direction of the house, know which one?
Your progress is related to this direction of the house, know which one?

North-West direction is also known as Vayavya angle in Vastu Shastra. This direction is very important. The west angle lies between north and west. Moon is the lord of wind direction and Vayu Dev is the ruler of this direction. This direction is ideal for the entry of air as it is a kind of meeting point of hot and cold regions. According to astrology consultancy, this direction is especially important for women. If the west angle in your house is Vastu, then it proves very beneficial for your progress.

1. Kitchen in Vayavya

Kitchen can be constructed in Vayvya, since Vyavya like Agneya is also the direction related to Rajas Guna, hence it is the second best direction to make kitchen. Apart from this, food grains can also be stored in Vayavya. The grain stored at this place remains pure for a long time.

2. Guest Room at Vayvya

The west direction in all directions is a great direction to make a guest room. The wind direction is the direction of the wind and the quality of the wind is to flow. It goes on continuously, so guest rooms can be made here as they also do not stay for long. Apart from this, entertainment room or family room can also be made here.

3. Bedroom in Vayavya

In this direction, a bedroom can be made for married women. Sleeping in this direction does not delay the marriage. Apart from this, the bedroom made in the north west is considered best for the newly-weds because it helps to provide husband wife problem solution.

Some things to keep in mind-

1- If the air of your house is cut off, then it causes deficiency of air element. As a result, you may have to suffer from problems like headache, dizziness and lack of energy.

2- The elevation of the wind from the south-west or south-east direction also creates a situation of imbalance in the air element. Due to this, a person spends most of his time thinking about unnecessary and unnecessary things.

3- Vayavya direction is very important for people who want to go abroad. Being Vastu-compliant in this direction and sleeping in the bedroom located at this place helps a person to move away from his native place.

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