Your partner hurt you? How to give him a second chance?

Your partner hurt you? How to give him a second chance?
Your partner hurt you give him a second chance

Has your partner said anything to you that has hurt your feelings? Did he make some mistakes that hurt or upset you immensely? If yes, then you must be feeling very angry and now you do not want to talk to your partner. But before you take any decision, you must remember that no human being is perfect and hence, we all make mistakes all the time. Perhaps, therefore, we often crave a second chance.

Surely your partner will also want you to forgive him and give him another chance. No matter how angry you are with him, but there is no harm in forgiving him, provided he hasn't done something that doesn't deserve forgiveness. So today we are discussing here some such reasons, which will explain why you should consider giving your partner a second chance.

he is repenting for his mistakes

According to astrology consultancy if your partner is repenting for his mistakes. If she regrets her words or actions, it shows that you may consider giving your partner a chance. Your partner may have hurt your feelings and made you sad. But that doesn't mean you'll hate your partner. If you feel that he is genuinely sorry for what he did or said, you might consider giving him a second chance by forgiving him.

you still believe in him

People often stop believing those who hurt them. But if you still believe in your partner, even if he has hurt you, it is a sign that you can give him another chance. If you still believe that your partner is a good person and always wants to make you happy, then this can be a positive sign.

Your friends ask you to give him another chance

When couples fight, they ask their friends for help. If after knowing the whole thing between you and your partner, your friends ask you to forgive him and give another chance to your relationship then it is also a sign. Maybe they give you reasons why you and your partner are meant to be for each other and that they regret what they've done. If you feel that your friends are trying to resolve love problem with good intentions, you might consider doing so.

he never intended to hurt you

Many times it happens that some people unknowingly make some mistakes and your partner may not have done it intentionally to hurt you. There are many instances when people make mistakes even when they intend to do the right thing. Still, if he did something wrong and hurt your feelings, that doesn't mean he's completely wrong. You listen to the partner first and if you find his words right, then you can think of giving him another chance.

you find him upset and he is sorry for what happened

Not everyone regrets his mistakes but if he is upset and regrets his words and work done, it clearly shows how sorry he is. In such a situation, getting angry all the time and finding faults in it can make the situation worse. If you think she's really sorry and upset about what happened, giving her another chance won't do you any harm.

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