Know about the Windows according to Vastu Shastra in House

Know about the Windows according to Vastu Shastra in House
Windows according to Vastu Shastra in House

When building a house, the lights in every house must be opened, so that the flow of air and light can flow smoothly in the house. People open windows in many ways and directions. According to Vastu, the window not only brings light and light to the house but also the flow of energy in the house depends to a large extent on the windows. This is the reason why important things related to the window are also mentioned in Vastu. Keeping these things in mind, you can flow positive energy into your home. Which removes troubles from your home and brings prosperity, peace. So let us know the specific architectural information related to the window or light.

Progress is made by opening a window in this direction of the house

Sun rises from east direction, so more windows should be opened in east direction. This causes the first ray of sun to directly enter your house which destroys the negativity of the house. Having windows in this direction also brings good luck with light to the house. You and family members get fame and progress. Similarly, making windows in the north direction is also right. By creating windows in this direction, wealth prosperity in the house, because the treasurer of the north direction is Kubera.

Make a window at this place of home

According to Vastu Tips, making windows of equal size on both sides of the main gate of the house is auspicious. This completes the magnetic cycle and keeps the flow of positive energy in the house constant. Large size windows are right at this place, but the windows near the door should be cleaned properly. Keep in mind that the dust should not accumulate on them and there should be no rubbing or any sound while opening and closing the doors.

Ceiling lamp

In earlier times houses used to be very large, so the courtyard was open. In today's times, the size of houses has changed. People leave a small part of the roof in their homes for light and make it mesh. According to Vastu, air pressure remains in the house, which affects the mind and brain. If you want to make a light donation in the roof.

Window should not be opened in this direction

According to astrology consultancy, the window should not be opened in the south direction of the house. This is believed to be the direction of Yama. Opening a window in this direction can cause problems. If it is necessary to open a window in this direction, then when needed, keep the windows closed, in addition to closing the window or putting thick curtains.

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