Why don't you buy Laughing Buddha with your money?

Why don't you buy Laughing Buddha with your money?
Why don't you buy Laughing Buddha with your money

Like Indian Vastu, there is also Chinese Vastu which is known as Feng Shui. Feng Shui symbols are mainly used to increase positivity in Feng Shui. These symbols are of many types. Each symbol has its own significance. According to the astrology consultancy, keeping these symbols at home or workplace gives freedom from various problems as well as prosperity, happiness and progress in life. These symbols of Feng Shui are very easily available in the market, along with this they also look very beautiful to see. This is the reason that even people who are not aware, they knowingly or unknowingly keep Feng Shui symbols in their home as decoration.

Laughing Buddha is the most prevalent of all these symbols. You will find it kept mostly in homes, shops and workplaces. They are in different currencies. Having a Laughing Buddha brings happiness, prosperity and progress. You must have heard most of the people saying that Laughing Buddha should not be bought with your money. Do you know why Laughing Buddha is not bought with own money, what is the belief behind it, know by talk to astrologer.

In India, people buy Laughing Buddha as a decoration and put it in their home or workplace, but often you must have heard that Laughing Buddha is only auspicious if someone presents you. Don't buy it with your own money. It is believed that a Laughing Buddha bought with one's own money does not yield any results. It is only when someone gives you a Laughing Buddha as a gift that you get prosperity and happiness. So let's know why it is called so.

Laughing Buddha is considered to be of great importance in Chinese architecture. They care a lot about this. Laughing Buddha is for wealth and prosperity, so Chinese belief says that no person should be so selfish that they should buy Laughing Buddha for money. It is believed that those who do this do not get their blessings and it is nothing more than a mere decoration item at your home or workplace. It gives you auspicious results only when someone presents it to you without any selfishness.

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