Why Couples Face Problems In The Love Marriage?

Why Couples Face Problems In The Love Marriage?
Why Couples Face Problems In The Love Marriage

During love we are able to spend very little time with each other. But after marriage, both spend more time together, so it is not possible to hide anything. During this, all the layers about each other come out in the open. That's why both feel that their partner has changed after marriage, it was not like this, why has it become like this etc.

• There is no harm in doing love marriage, but be sure about the person you have decided to make a life partner whether he is right for you or not. Discuss everything openly beforehand.

• Lover-girlfriend must make themselves self-sufficient. Do not put your career at stake in the affair of love. By doing this, if your relationship does not last or staggers for some reason in future, then you will be able to move forward in life on the strength of career.

• You can stay in the relationship with your head raised once the career is settled. You cannot be forced to be financially dependent on anyone and you will not be a victim of any kind of inferiority complex.

• Do not ignore your parents in the affair of love. Your nature with them should be the same as it was before anyone came in your life.

• Never be afraid to wait. The depth of love is seen in him. The longer the love lasts, the better the relationship is after marriage.

• From the very beginning, jokingly keep the parents informed about the changing trends of the world and keep on saying that I will marry or will marry my own free will.

• Never hide from your parents about whom you want to marry. Give complete information about him and his family to your parents. This will not cause any problem in future.

• It would be better if you tell mommy first. At the same time, assure them that life, career and family will not be affected by this. Although there should not be any delay in doing love marriage, yet if you are getting married after stopping, then keep telling your partner about this from the beginning and also tell his family members.