Why couples face issues in Marriage due to Mother in Laws?

Why couples face issues in Marriage due to Mother in Laws?
Why couples face issues in Marriage due to Mother in Laws

Have someone wondered that why do mother in laws cause problems in life of couples. When people are in the disturbing circumstances then the reason the problems becomes much more difficult women as daughter in laws try to understand the mindset of mother in laws. If you are also facing problems due to the mother in laws then now do not worry here we are providing some of the best tips to deal with these issues.

1.Acceptance issues

As we all know that acceptance comes from within when you are able to decide about the person as he or she is. Despite the background that a person represents. It is the only when individual and learn about the few things about him or her that helps to nurture a relationship and resolve family problem. One of the basic problem is that if the mother in law does not accept her daughter in law as her own family member then the girl will always suffer in the silence.

2.Cultural barriers

We all know that it can happen due to some contradiction in beliefs and cultures. What is good in one’s culture could be presumed bad in another culture but this is the way someone was bought up and taught, you cannot expect someone to unlearn everything but yes you can give her time to learn new things.

3. Jealousy and insecurity

However right from how the food tastes to how have you folded the laundry. Such small issues become a topic of unpleasant conversation in the house; it becomes a daily routine and creates unnecessary stress on the environment. She starts to believe that the new daughter in law will overtake her and also steal her son from her.

4. Overpowering nature

An overpowering nature is the sign of insecurity and domination and sometimes lead to husband wife disputes, it causes trouble not only to the daughter in laws but to the other family members as well. The other family members are bound to support the mother in law in front of the daughter in law who is still an outsider in the house as compared to a mother. But in the long run, they too lose control, especially men of the house, either they stop paying attention to the non-stop bickering and complaints or they take their own stand.

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