Who Should Wear the Emerald Gemstone and Who Does Not?

Who Should Wear the Emerald Gemstone and Who Does Not?
Who Should Wear the Emerald Gemstone and Who Does Not

Emerald is the gem of the planet Mercury. Mercury is the factor of speech, trade, sister, aunt, aunt etc. This gem is dark green to light green. Emerald is mainly found in 5 colors. The parrot has a featherlike color, watercolor, gluten-like flowers, peacock-like and light-bladed blossoms. It is also important to know who should wear Panna Gems and who does not, because there are disadvantages of wearing it without checking the horoscope.

1. If the lagna is Virgo or Gemini, then the emerald gem can be worn, but it is also necessary to see which planet is there in the lagna or which planet is in the seventh house in front of the lagna.

2. If a patient is wearing emerald by looking at the horoscope, then his strength increases, he gets the pleasure of health.

3. If the Gemini ascendant is wearing emerald, then family problem trouble is less.

4. If the Virgo Ascendant is wearing emerald, you can get benefits in the state, business problem, father, job, governmental work.

5. If the Mahadasha or Antaradha of Mercury is going on and Mercury is not in the 8th or 12th house, wearing emerald will be beneficial.

6. Emerald can be worn if it is located with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu or if it has sight of enemy planets. This will remove the hindrance in job business.

7. According to the astrology consultancy, if a planet is sleeping in a house, then to awaken the effect of that house and that planet, wear a gemstone of that house. For example, if there is no Mercury in the third, then wear the gem of Mercury for the third. It will start getting good effects of Mercury.

8. If Mercury in your horoscope is giving ill effects to Pisces, then you can wear emerald.

Who should not wear an emerald?

1. According to world famous astrologer, if Mercury is 3rd or 12th, then emerald should not be worn, it will cause damage.

2. According to astrology if wearing Mercury of 6, 8, 12, wearing emerald can cause sudden loss. Therefore, first show horoscope to any astrology and then wear it.

3. If the Mahadasha of Mercury is going on and Mercury is sitting in the 8th or 12th house, then wearing the emerald can also cause problems.

4. Imitation, impure, broken, spotted, shiny, golden colored or other colored emeralds destroy wealth, prosperity and child's favor.

5. If you have worn emeralds without looking at the position of the appropriate metals, constellations, days and planets, then that too can prove to be harmful.

Benefits of wearing emerald:

1. Wearing emeralds increases memory power. With this, the intellect starts getting faster.

2. Hajma also wears it to do good.

3. It is advisable to wear it for job and business advancement as well.

4. Vani becomes effective by wearing emerald.

5. Incomplete desires are fulfilled by wearing emerald.

6. Keeping the emerald gemstone in proper place in the house leads to increase in food grains, etc., you will get the happiness of well-deserved children.


7. If Buddha starts giving the best effect by wearing emerald, then the troubles of the sister of the native also reduce.