Who should wear Blue Sapphires (Neelam) and who doesn't?

Who should wear Blue Sapphires (Neelam) and who doesn't?
Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

It is often advised to wear Sapphire gemstone for Saturn, but before wearing Sapphire, it should be known who should wear it and who does not, because wearing it can cause harm. Lajvart is a gemstone like sapphire, some people wear it as sapphire. Neelam has two gemstones, Lilia and Jamunia.

Caution: Sapphire picks up in the sky and also mixes in the blanket. So wear sapphire after checking the horoscope. It increases vision, efficiency and knowledge in a person. It makes a person famous very quickly. But if the sapphire suit is not working, then the initial symptoms of this will cause tremendous pain in the hands and feet, the intellect will reverse, gradually the struggle will start to grow and the person will get entangled in his own woven trap in life.

Who should wear sapphire with the advice of astrology?

  1. People of Saturn's Aquarius and Capricorn are advised to wear sapphire.
  2. People of Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant can also wear sapphire.
  3. World famous astrologer advised that those who have Saturn in their horoscope are weak, retrograde and are sitting in auspicious house or are the owner of auspicious sentiments, then they can wear sapphire.
  4. Saturn was in 4th, 5th, 10th or 11th house, then such a person should wear sapphire on the advice of astrology.
  5. If Saturn does not have any competition or vision relationship with any other auspicious planets or auspicious sentiments, then asking astrology should wear sapphire.
  6. It is auspicious to wear Sapphire even if Saturn is sitting with Sakshath or Ashtamesh. Even if Saturn is in the sixth or eighth position from its house, you can wear sapphire.
  7. If Saturn is retrograde, weak or weak and represents auspicious sentiments, then you can wear Sapphire.
  8. When the period of Saturn's Mahadasha, Antardasha, Sadesati or Dhaiya is going on, you can wear Sapphire.
  9. Saturn is the ninth Pancham yoga of the Guru in the birth chart and if Saturn is not in competition with any other planet, then one should consider wearing Neelam.

Who should not wear sapphire?

  1. According to astrology consultancy, if Saturn is in lagna, fifth or 11th, then sapphire should not be worn.
  2. Saturn is the lord of auspicious sentiments and is in a weak state, then with the advice of a learned person, one should wear Sapphire Gemstone.
  3. A person should not wear sapphire if Saturn has a relationship or vision with Sun, Moon, Mars.

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