What You Should Keep In Mind While Planting A Money Plant In House?

What You Should Keep In Mind While Planting A Money Plant In House?
What You Should Keep In Mind While Planting A Money Plant In House?

Everyone knows about money plant. Often people plant money plant in their house. It is in the form of a vine. In Vastu also, money plant has been called a wealth plant. By applying it in the house, wealth and wealth increase. The arrival of money and money in the house remains smooth. It is said that the more green the money plant is, the more money increases in the house. Just as the rules have been told about everything in Vastu, similarly the rules have been given for setting up a money plant. If you do not keep these things in mind, instead of increasing wealth, you may have to face financial crisis. There may be a shortage of money in your house, so it is necessary to take special care of some things. So let us know what things should be kept in mind while setting up a money plant by consulting world famous astrologer.

Right place to set up money plant

As the name suggests, money plant is associated with wealth. People often plant money plants outside their homes too, but this should not be done. If you want wealth and prosperity, then the money plant should always be planted inside the house. Money plant should never be placed outside the house.

Money plant bell should be like this

As you know that this plant is associated with money, so while planting it, keep in mind that when it starts growing, its vine is going upwards. A vine growing upwards gives prosperity, while a money plant hanging downwards can cause economic obstruction.

Direction of money plant-

The correct direction of everything has been told in Vastu, in the same way it is very important to choose the right direction for setting up a money plant. Where a money plant placed in the right direction increases money in your house, then money plant placed in the wrong direction can become a hindrance in your economic progress. According to Vastu, money plant should always be placed in the igneous angle of your house. This increases the communication of positive energy and makes your financial position strong.

Money plant should not belong to other's house.

Often people have a confusion about the fact that planting money plant of a prosperous house in their house brings prosperity but it should not be done. According to astrology consultancy never put money plant of other's house in your own house. The plant of money plant should always be bought and planted in your house.

Such a money plant is the giver of prosperity

If you are planting a money plant in the soil, then always plant it in a big pot so that it can get a place to grow properly. Apart from this, money plant should be planted in a green or blue colored glass bottle or pot. A money plant placed in this way is considered to attract money.

Protect From The Sun

Money plant should always be placed in such a place where there is no direct sunlight. If the money plant is exposed to direct sunlight, it starts drying up and the leaves turning yellow or dry are not considered auspicious. It is believed that if the money plant is drying up in your house, then it indicates financial crisis.

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