Health Tips: Know what to do in winter season

Health Tips: Know what to do in winter season
what to do in winter season

The cold weather has started, and gradually the cold will reach its peak. This cold weather is a boon from health to beauty. In this season you can improve your health, and skin too. But it is also necessary to take some precautions according to the weather so that the cold proves beneficial for you. In this changing season, you have to keep some things in mind. Know what to do and what not to do for your health in winter

  1. The body does not adapt itself easily to the changing weather. Children and the elderly, in particular, take time to adapt to the weather, as their immunity is less than that of the youth. If precautions are not taken in this situation, then they also become ill soon. Pay special attention to children and the elderly in this season.
  2. In this season, cold, cold and respiratory diseases are more due to cold, to maintain body heat, it is necessary to avoid. For this, take sunshine daily and go for a walk in the morning and evening. Due to this, heat will naturally remain in the body.
  3. If you have a habit of drinking water after getting up in the morning, it is a very good thing. But make a habit of drinking lukewarm or hot water in cold weather. This will increase body temperature and internal organs will function properly.
  4. In this weather, keep warm clothes and scarves with you while going out of the house, so that if it is evening while returning, then you do not have to face cold winds and cold weather. This method will not let you get sick.
  5. Include hot spices in the meal. Spices will provide internal warmth to your body. Apart from this, drink ginger tea and cloves, jaggery and turmeric decoction at bedtime. If drinking milk, then add turmeric and drink. It will protect you from cold and diseases.
  6. Do not use cold and sour things and food items during this season. This can make you sick. Use the things kept in the fridge for some time after removing them when they come to normal temperature.
  7. Seasonal green vegetables abound in winter. Use this to the fullest. If you want, then make them fresh soup and drink it. This will give you warmth as well as nutrition. Use of salad is not bad either.
  8. Whenever going for a walk in the morning, keep in mind that the rising sunlight should come on your chest. In this way, you get vitamin D and there is heat in the body which persists.
  9. Pay special attention to body and hair massage so that dryness does not remain. Mustard oil along with other oils is beneficial in this season, as it is hot. If possible, use mustard oil in food also.
  10. Use lukewarm or lukewarm water for bathing and immediately after bathing, wipe the skin with a towel and apply a moisturizer so that it gets inside the skin and does not remain dry.
  11. Use lukewarm water to wash hair and massage oil before that. Exit only after drying hair. Otherwise, a cold can occur and the air outside can spoil the hair.
  12. Eat plenty of dry fruits during this season. This will increase the brain and memory as well as health and beauty will also increase. Avoid cold beverages and things like ice cream in this season.

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