What Makes A Marriage Prone To Extramarital Affairs?

What Makes A Marriage Prone To Extramarital Affairs?
What Makes A Marriage Prone To Extramarital Affairs

The extramarital affairs can be the devastating to the everyone who are involved and most of all the cheated partner. It is the estimated that there are most of the people who are engaged in the infidelity at some point during their marriage. There are some of the risk factors behind it. In modern era the trend of this highly shameful act has become very common. There is a dire need for a solution to prevent your partner from engaging in an external affair. Therefore the effect of the social stigma is highly dreadful and has the power to ruin happy homes. 

Whether it is relationship of husband and wife problem or the relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend, when you want to make something work for long lasting it is necessary to stay loyal. Nowadays people are busy in their own life. It was seen in modern era that there are several people who are in extra marital affair with someone. On the other hand they are cheating their partner. We all know that extra marital affair does not benefit anyone. Below mention are some of the tips that are the signs of extra marital affairs.

Stressed Marriage                                

It is also considered as one of the fair obvious reason. Thus the happy marriages are not to immune to affairs but unhappy marriages that are indeed  at the risk due to the desire to escape unpleasant dynamics. Most of the people feel more justified in the breaching trust that they are unhappy in the relationship.

Familiarity with affairs growing up

If you are also one of them who is grew up in the family where the affairs are considered normal and you are at much higher risk of the engaging in the affairs yourself. Therefore the possibility for the duplicity feels familiar and acceptable and we are always drawn to what we know.

Social environment affairs

If your identity is tied to your workplace relationships and your co workers think that it is ok to the stray and you are less likely to remain the faithful. If you are also going through the same phase then consult best astrologer.

Lack of emotional closeness

Those who feel emotionally distant from their partners are more likely to look outside for closeness with another. It is only human to seek intimacy and connection. If one partner is feeling lonely or unloved, they are vulnerable to the pull of positive attention from others.

Tendency to avoid conflict

Couples who are prone to avoiding conflict are more at risk of affairs.  This is because keeping the peace at all costs thwarts  self-expression. If you chronically side-step disagreements, you are more apt to withhold unmet needs and prevent getting to know each other better. This creates loneliness which is linked with unfaithfulness.

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