What Lal Kitab says about Nose piercing & What Are Its Benefits?

What Lal Kitab says about Nose piercing & What Are Its Benefits?
What Lal Kitab says about Nose piercing & What Are Its Benefits

In the astrology of Lal Kitab, seeing the horoscope or hand of a person, it is often advised to pierce his nose and put silver wire in it for 43 days. After all, why and when do you get your nose pierced and what is its caution, let us know by talk to astrologer.

Why do you get your nose pierced: If Mercury or Moon is afflicted in the sixth or eighth house in your horoscope or is getting contaminated in any other house, then you get your nose pierced. Basically this remedy is done to cure Mercury. If Mercury is in Khana number 9 or Mercury is sitting in Khana number 12, the nose is pierced. However, according to Lal Kitab here, Mercury is destroyed by this and Moon is established.

According to astrology consultancy, the front end of the nose is that of Mercury and the entire nose is of Jupiter. The air flowing through the nose is the air of Jupiter. That is why it is important to keep the nose clean. If there is a blockage in your breathing, then this obstruction is from the Guru. This also has a bad effect on Mercury. The one who stops the breath or the Guru is Rahu. Bad Mercury will cause loss in business and job and bad Jupiter is considered a hindrance in luck and progress. Therefore, they get their nose pierced for advancement in job or business.

Due to the contamination of Mercury, there is a lock on the wisdom and there is a loss in business and job, and due to the contamination of the Moon, all kinds of happiness and peace are destroyed. Due to the contamination of the Guru, there is a hindrance in luck and the work done gets spoiled. That's why he pierces his nose.

When do they get pierced: On Wednesday evening after seeing the Muhurta and Nakshatra, pierce the nose and put a silver wire in it and then on the day of Brispati, it is also necessary to donate the sweetness of the address, laddus.

Caution: If your business is related to Mercury or Rahu and Rahu is of your exaltation, then you should do this remedy only after asking any Lal Kitab astrologer. Nose piercing should be done only after looking at the position of Rahu and Mercury in the horoscope, otherwise there may be loss.

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