What is the relation of green to your health?

What is the relation of green to your health?
What is the relation of green to your health?

Colors have special importance in our life. Green color is also considered a symbol of good luck, growth and health in life. Seeing a color makes us feel happy, then seeing another color relieves stress.

Feng Shui says that green color also gives relief from many diseases. According to Feng Shui, green is considered a symbol of intelligence and it also has a good effect on health. Do you know that green color has different effects on your mind and intellect?

 Know the health benefits of green color according to Vastu and Feng Shui-

1. The soothing green color for our eyes is a symbol of nature. Just as nature gives us the message of life, in the same way our life is also deeply related to this color. According to Feng Shui, green color is considered life-giving for sick people.

2. Green color gives positive energy, it helps in relieving stress and saves from depression.

3. Green color symbolizes the element wood. It can be used at home as well as in the office. The use of green color in the places of rest, sleeping and spending moments at home, makes your moments pleasant

4. Working in a green environment enhances the creativity of the person. If you want, you can also use them as color or texture on the walls of the house and in the form of plants, you can flow energy from this color in your house.For further more information consult world famous astrologer

 5. Green color also helps in the quick recovery of sick people. Along with keeping blood pressure normal, it gives mental peace, which provides relief in many diseases related to the brain.

6. Not only this, putting a green clock in the house brings happiness in the house.

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