What is the Importance of Upper Direction of House?

What is the Importance of Upper Direction of House?
What is the Importance of Upper Direction of House

There are ten directions. East, Agneya, South, South, West, Vayavya, North, Northeast, Upward and Down. Urdhva means above. In the direction where there is direction shool, Rahu Kaal is also harmful. On the other hand, each direction has its Dippalas and their planetary lords too. Let us know about the vertical direction.

1. The god of the upward direction is Brahma. Brahma is the creator of all of us. This direction is of utmost importance.

2. The sky is God. Those who pray with an upward face, there is an effect in their prayer. If you have to ask according to the Vedas, then ask from Brahma and the universe and not from any other side. You get everything by asking for it.

3. The roof, balcony, Ujal daan, window and the middle of the house represent this direction. Keeping all these beautiful and clean opens up all the avenues of progress.

4. The slope should be from South-West to North-East. There should not be any kind of light in the roof of the house. Avoid making slanted ceilings, the height of the ceiling should be at least 10 and maximum up to 12 feet. Keep the roof clean and keep the water tank in the south direction.

5. Only the light of the north, north, east and east direction of the house is correct. Ujal daan should not be made in igneous, south and southwest direction. If there is a kitchen in the fire, then Ujaldaan can be made in the right direction. Bathrooms and toilets should have ceiling-mounted lights in the right direction.

6. Construction of windows on the western, eastern and northern walls is considered auspicious. Having a window in the north direction opens the house through wealth and prosperity. The windows should be double-sided and there should be no sound in opening and closing them. The pallets should open inwards and not outwards. Apart from this, check that there are no odd number of doors and windows in your house. If so, close one of the doors or windows and even out their number.

7. There should be no pit in the middle. It is important for the middle part to be empty and clean like the north. By fixing the central part of this house which is surrounded by troubles, everything starts getting better. Mutual relations remain cordial. There is wealth, prosperity and peace in the house. There is peace of mind and a healthy body. All the members of the house keep progressing.

8. The sky element gives peace to our soul. For more vastu tips talk to astrologer.

9. Throwing stones, spitting, throwing water, shouting or abusing while facing the sky is prohibited in this direction. The result is fatal.

10. Disha shool: There is no direction shool to go in this direction.

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