What is birth, death and rebirth?

What is birth, death and rebirth?
What is birth, death and rebirth

Most people may find this question difficult or religious because they have not read the Vedas, Upanishads or Gita. It has eternal answers to eternal questions. Like someone may ask that is born? Maybe you have the answer thats birth of a soul entering a body is birth, but this is not the correct answer. The soul also has a subtle body. That's why it is said that the soul's connection with the gross body with the subtle body is born. Now the question arises that how is this relationship established?

Actually, this relationship is established by life. Between the astral body and the gross body, the soul is like a bridge or a rope. Birth is also called caste. For example plant species, animals, birds and humans. The name is called caste. According to astrology consultancy, the body that attains the soul is called its caste. The body can be maintained healthy by yoga. For more information, you can consult world famous astrologer.

What is death after birth?

The answer lies in the birth itself. Actually, the relationship between the subtle body and the gross body that is established between the souls is death. The question is also what is life? The air that is moving within you is life. Prana can be maintained healthy by pranayama. A person is declared dead after the death of his life. If the life can be purified and prolonged by pranayama, then the life of a person also becomes long.

Just as many types of air are traveling outside our body, similarly many types of air are traveling in our body. It is life only if there is air. Hence Vayu is also called Prana. According to Vedic sage science, there are 28 types of life. Each lok has 7-7 pranas. Just as Brahman has the status of many worlds such as Swarga Loka (Surya or Aditya Loka), Antarika Loka (Chandra or Vayu Loka), Prithivi (Agni Loka) etc., similarly the body also has the status of many Lokas.

What is rebirth after death?

According to astrology predictions, do many parts of a moment in less than that, the soul leaves one body and immediately takes on another body. This is the shortest time period. The maximum time period is 30 seconds. The reincarnation of the soul holding the subtle body and breaking the relationship with the gross body repeatedly.

Karma and rebirth are related to each other. Reincarnation takes place only for the enjoyment of the fruits of karma and due to rebirth new karma is stored again. Thus, rebirth has two purposes - first, that a person experiences the fruits of the deeds of his birth so that he becomes free from them. Secondly, by gaining experience from these pleasures, it takes measures to improve them in the new life, so that by repeated birth, the soul continuously moves towards development and in the end, by its complete actions, the life is decayed and attains liberation.

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