What Does It Mean to Have Feelings for Someone

What Does It Mean to Have Feelings for Someone
What Does It Mean to Have Feelings for Someone

Crushes begin as early as primary school, and we are all familiar with the sensation. Their presence improves our day, we want to see them all the time, and we feel envious if they pay attention to someone else. We proceed through our adolescent years no longer perplexed by this sensation.

We get egotistical and desire to create an intimate relationship with that one individual. Many individuals mistake those sentiments for desire. You can picture what occurs because we've all graduated from high school. Some of us still get "butterflies in our stomachs" about certain people as we get older, but what does it mean?

The Puppy Adoration

We've all had feelings of attraction to someone. That hot and responsible boss, that lovely female at the coffee shop, and that wicked neighbour. Even if it's a stranger we met on the bus, it occurs.When we come across those folks, why do we get a strange feeling? We are guided by these rules in how we should react. But whether or not we choose to follow it is entirely up to us. The majority of us develop our own set of guiding principles based on what we've learned and experienced. So, what is that attraction, according to our principles? Is it desire or love? Neither is the case.

Your brain is just indicating that this individual is your kind. That's all there is to it. We briefly discussed guiding principles since they are what will inform you what to do next. Some people do nothing, while others take risks, and yet others engage in improper behaviour.

As a result, a crush on a stranger is worthless. Unless you discover the motivation to learn more about the individual. You get a strange sensation about a person you know.This is dependent on a slew of things. Our psyche is organised into three parts, according to Freud: ego, and superego.

 Our psyche's impulsive and instinctual component is known as the id. It is the tremendous basic urges we have as biological creatures. It's the part of our brain that makes us want to eat, reproduce, rule, and do other things that living beings require to survive.

The decision-making faculty is known as the ego.The superego is a part of our mind that instructs us to obey society's standards and morals.

What is the relationship between the Freudian structural model and the person you like?

Simple, that person might be taboo (Your Family, Your Girlfriend’s sister, A happily married lady, Same-gender, etc) or you are committed to someone else, and most society moral conventions suggest you can’t have more than one intimate relationship.

The strange sensation is just your Id telling you that you desire the person, your superego will tell you whatever principles you adhere to, and your ego will ultimately make the decision.The id doesn’t think, it merely desires. Everything else, on the other hand, is a different storey. It's all about what your ego does that personifies what you are, regardless of how interested you are.

what does it mean to have feelings for someone after the psychological lesson?

It's completely meaningless. Until you take action, that is. Because those sensations, like butterflies, come and go, they are transitory moments, the original author utilised butterflies as a metaphor.Until your ego puts it into action. It's simply your thoughts. Be cautious, even if your intentions are excellent (for you). That does not imply that others will respond positively.Doing nothing, on the other hand, ensures that your feelings will remain unfulfilled. To communicate with your id and superego. Then make the appropriate decision.

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