What are the top 3 priorities in relationships

What are the top 3 priorities in relationships
What are the top 3 priorities in relationships

From the time we are in elementary school, we dream of being with someone we love, and by the time we are in high school, we have heard enough tales, seen enough movies, or been in a relationship ourselves.

Puppy love connections may bloom and endure a lifetime. As we go through life, the majority of our experiences become learning opportunities. It's fascinating that, despite the poor batting average, people continue to play it. Some people have had enough, but later fall in love again. Because everyone ultimately loves and loses, Victorian poet Alfred Lord Tennyson popularised "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." So, what makes certain relationships stay so long?

Is there a formula for success that only a few people know about?

There isn't, unfortunately. If there is such a thing, it won't last long, but there are techniques to improve your batting average. Setting priorities, in addition to properly selecting your mate, can help you beat the odds.So, what are the three most important aspects of a relationship?

1: Priority in relationships

The connection is a priority in and of itself.

 It's when most couples break up on average. The typical relationship time has been cut from 6-8 years to (less than) 3 to 4.5 years using modern statistics.

2: That's a significant decrease

They attribute the huge shift in the figure on social media, however social media is an inanimate object. Nobody wants to devote a significant amount of time to stupid endeavours. We won't devote our life to it, even if it provides wonderful chuckles and amusement. Marriage, in particular, is about going through life as a pair. It's all about visiting places, accomplishing objectives, and growing a family as a unit. It's not about drifting aimlessly in a sandstorm. That is why it is critical for couples to have common goals. They talk about it while dating, and maybe it leads to anything. So, if one spouse wants to move to Africa and spend his life caring for starving children while the other wants to be a real estate developer in New York, one of them must give up their goals or there would be no future. One of the three most important aspects of a partnership is planning for the future. There must be more to it than love, sex, and rock n' roll. When it matures, it fades into the background. Something that is constantly there, and we are so accustomed to it that we no longer bother to work it. It is so much a part of us that we ignore our responsibilities beyond what is required, safe in the knowledge that it will always be there.

One or both couples begin to search for something more at this phase. Stupid thoughts enter their minds, such as "Is this all I have to look forward to in my life?"  "Idle mind/hands are the devil's factory," according to a biblical adage. It even applies to romantic relationships.

3: Have a good time

Anything that isn't enjoyable is tough to perform for an extended period of time. People who are patient can put up with tiresome jobs for years, but they will not be happy. So a relationship must be enjoyable. Sure, sex is enjoyable, but you can't have it all of the time, and even if you could, it wouldn't be enjoyable after a few years. People's lives are gradually taken over by real-world issues, especially when there are small children involved. However, the finest sort of entertainment is spontaneous enjoyment, and children are not a burden; in fact, children of all ages are a huge source of happiness.

Fun is also a personal thing. Some couples are able to do it simply by chatting about their neighbours, while others must fly to a faraway location Happiness is not the same as having fun. It is a vital component, but it is not the core of the system. It doesn't have to be expensive; couples who have been together for a long time may have a good time without spending a dime. Everything from watching Netflix to doing housework to playing with kids can be enjoyable if you and your partner have the correct chemistry. When long-term relationships become routine, they become monotonous. As a result, relationships must be enjoyable, meaningful, and prioritised. Growing and maturing, like most things in this life, requires purposeful effort. When it matures, it fades into the background. Something that is constantly there, and we are so accustomed to it that we no longer bother to work it.

One or both partners may begin to want something more at this stage.Bored individuals think silly things such, "Is this all I have to look forward to in my life?" and other stupid things. "The devil's workshop," according to a biblical saying, is an idle mind/hands. Even in relationships, that holds true. Cracks start to form when a relationship grows complacent. To keep things from becoming idle, a purposeful effort with an adverb is required. Because the devil isn't involved, it's up to the pair to work on their relationship and make it thrive. Things change as the world spins, and if you do nothing, the world will make the changes for you.