What are the common problems of Arranged Marriage?

What are the common problems of Arranged Marriage?
What are the common problems of Arranged Marriage

As we all know that arranged marriages are remain relatively rare but these are common cultural practice. Children thereof are involved in the arranged marriage by the parents. For the reason the practice remains the controversial due to the concerns such as the freedom of the choice. There are many of the people who are willingly enter into the arranged marriages by believing that their parents are well equipped to the choice of the lifelong partner for them. Couples who are in arranged marriages face many of the same issues as the people who marry for love by the communication, infidelity, thus the death of romance, fights about the money and the different parents issues. Most of the couples sometimes seek for the counseling for resolve these issues. Below mention are some of the common issues that are arising in life of the couples.

Cultural awareness

Nowadays we all know that the culture focuses on the marrying for the love and it is easy for look down on the arranged marriages for view them as the products of the force. Most of the people enter into the arranged marriages of their own accord and the low divorce rate among the arranged marriages globally and cause love problem among couples.

Premarital Counseling

There are many people who believe in the arranged marriage and involves a couple meeting for the first time at their wedding but most of the couples in arranged marriages know their spouses for years before getting married. However, they don’t typically live together and may not spend much time together prior to marriage. Some couples are introduced to each other by third parties but left to make the ultimate decision as to whether to pursue marriage.

Marriage Values

Each and every married couples has its unique set of the values. There are some of the couples that may relish the religious based counseling while others may struggle with establishing equality within marriage. In arranged marriages, divorce prediction may not be an option due to family values, beliefs about marriage, or a simple commitment to see the marriage through.


Most of the happy arranged marriages but abuse of the women into the marriage remain a sad time of the some arranged marriage practices. In some of the cultures women are not treated as equals women and may be hesitant to report abuse.

Family Issues

Both the families often play a central role in the relationship. Spouses may have conflicts with their in-laws or struggle to establish proper boundaries. Our world famous astrologer should determine each spouse’s comfort level with family involvement before making recommendations.

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