Weekly Horoscope 26 October- 1 November: Know about your as per zodiac sign

Weekly Horoscope 26 October- 1 November: Know about your as per zodiac sign
Weekly Horoscope 26 October- 1 November 2020


The leave application of the residents living outside the city may be rejected, due to which they plan to spend time with the family may get disrupted. Both the family and you will be disappointed but never mind, be patient, soon you will get a chance to spend a pleasant moment with the family. Do not rely on luck in the field. You will have to bear the brunt of negligence towards work. Trouble can continue in a love relationships. The sudden fluctuations in your mood due to stress are responsible for this. Students should not leave any shortcomings in their preparation.


There is a need to bring discipline in life, especially in eating and drinking habits. You had high expectations from a family member. These expectations will collapse in this period due to the negative attitude of the family and will disappoint you. There will be a disappointing time for the love affair. Some people, troubled by the present situation, may also think about ending the relationship. Students will get success in difficult examinations or competitions. There may be legal, technical, or political hurdles in the workplace between your progress. If you are facing any issues due to planetary movements then consult world famous astrologer


The condition of the people suffering from lifestyle-related diseases will improve. Maintaining health is not a difficult task during this period. Someone may be attracted to you and proceed to express their love. Use caution on the road. Complete work in the field as quickly as possible, leaving nothing for later. Try to avoid conflicts by adopting a practical attitude. In matters of money, there can be a dispute or dispute with someone. A home-run business can benefit. Partner will get support and benefit from it.


Students do not have to be careless. Negligence can become an obstacle to your progress. Workplace related dilemmas will be overcome, challenges will end. Property-related disputes may arise. Romantic partners may be angry with you because you do not have time for them due to work busyness. It would be beneficial to work out regularly. Do not get angry over trivial matters, avoid stubborn thoughts. A lot of your time can be wasted on them. You can also get a gift from the beautiful side. During this time, you will be ready to take any big risk in business.


Some hurdles will remain in foreign travel and the matter will not be made. Students will have to seek help for education-related problems. New rules may apply in the field. These rules are seen to be hindering work. By saving money, we will be able to secure the financial situation. There are signs of movable and immovable property being bought or sold. At the social level, someone can be successful in tarnishing your image. You can steal fame or credit for your work. An illness of a family member can increase your tension.


Make future plans with your loved ones. Your money situation is staggering. The reason for this is that you spend more than the budget. A lot of time can be wasted in appeasing seniors in the workplace. You can join the gym or adopt a workout routine. Important tasks will be completed with the help of the family. Avoid taking the meaning of what others say and do not say anything like hurting anyone. Those who work in the brokerage are likely to benefit a lot. A new deal will boost your confidence.


Romance is thrilling. The love story of some people may also begin. The money situation is looking weak, expenses are seen touching the sky. Work has come to a standstill. It seems as if everything needs to be started afresh. Unemployed people will get work as per their merit. Students need to work harder to achieve the desired success. The child will get the achievement. You can get an opportunity to visit a religious place. There will be victory in disputed cases. You can participate in any major social or family event.


Don't set too many expectations from people, disappointment will be at hand. Maybe the importance you give to them, they do not give you and do not come forward to help. A disgusting lover or girlfriend or friend needs to be persuaded. Express your love and apologize for the mistake. Assess the situation and be fully confident before making important decisions. Do not bother with increasing weight and try to stay fit through the workout. Insist on staying fit rather than being thin. There may be tension with the spouse about something. Understand their point, explain their point, the confusion will be solved.


Activities of social life may look somewhat unfavorable. Do not try to try your luck too much and do not try to change the circumstances. Despite continuous work, the project is not moving forward. By sharing your heart, the relationship with the love partner will be deeper. Home remedies will not work in illness. It is advisable for you to have a medical examination and take the medicine. The office environment will be average. There will be signs of getting new responsibilities, competition from colleagues. For more information, you can consult astrology consultancy. A plan to go on tour in connection with work may also be considered.


Understand the importance of rest. Do not take hasty decisions in money related matters, otherwise, you will regret it later. Be satisfied with your current job, this is not the right time to change jobs. There are chances of benefiting from the sale and purchase of the property. The fitness tip given by someone will be beneficial but only then you will execute it. There may be an unwanted tension in partnership work. There will also be cooperation from brothers. Parents may continue to have health concerns. Stars are also indicating the arrival of guests in the house.


Take advantage of the senior's good mood and talk about what you mean. The money lent will be refunded with interest. Stay away from gossip and rumors. These can cause trouble in the house. The preparation of the students is confirmed and luck is also supporting them, so it is sure to get success. The idea of ​​buying or selling property may come to your mind. This time can benefit from the property, although the percentage of profit is likely to be less. People can try to get your attention. There is a possibility of getting relief in diseases. Take medicines regularly.


The spouse's mood will not be right. Know the reason for this, because there is a strong reason for a bad mood, there remains a possibility. You may get the responsibility for some work that increases your social status. You will be able to fulfill every responsibility at a difficult time. Students will have to prepare for special competitions and examinations. Avoid extravagance. Planning is important in matters of money. Will take full care of the documents in the deal.

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