14 December – 20 December’2020: What your stars says about the 7 days?

14 December – 20 December’2020: What your stars says about the 7 days?
14 December – 20 December’2020


Your concern for someone will make him feel your goodness. There is a need to focus on career. Before doing any work in the field of career, check things well. Only think of doing some work after finishing the first job. There can be trouble in married life. There may be a quarrel with the spouse, but you will soon convince them by your nature.


It will be a busy time for business people. It may be difficult to attend a family function due to excessive work busyness. You have an amazing ability to be patient, due to which you will be able to adjust your life. Due to the misunderstanding among siblings or children, the home environment may be spoiled, be cautious.


There may be loss of respect. The decision taken by you can hurt your reputation in the society, so take a decision after thinking carefully. There is a need to be vigilant about studies. Any work done with half-heartedness proves to be a waste of time, so do not sit studying as a burden. It would be better to study diligently. Take advice from elders or friends of the house before doing any work, it will be beneficial.


There is confusion about the relationship. It would be better if you try to come out of it with some decision, you will feel good. There are signs of profit if you partner in business. No person is perfect, so have the ability to listen to your shortcomings and try to improve them. Do not insist or else harm can happen.


Before starting any work at home, check its loss and benefits, only then take a decision. You have the amazing ability to attract anyone. Will be able to attract others towards you. This week will be a bit tiresome for housewives. Do not ignore health due to work.You can consult world famous astrologer to deal with the issues


There can be bitterness in relationships. Be cautious when using language. Take control of your anger. Try to focus on studies, otherwise the loss will be yours. There is a need to be serious about studies. Do not be careless about health, be aware of your fitness, do regular yoga and exercise, there will be benefits.


Do some warm-up before exercising, otherwise there may be problem of body pain. The week will be encouraging for the children. Will also participate in other activities along with sports. Time is good for romance, you will get plenty of time to spend time with your spouse. Enjoy this time to the fullest. If possible, make a program to hang out with your spouse.


We will try to complete the stalled work of family. Someone trusts you excessively, try to understand the feelings of others while respecting their faith. There is a need to pay attention to studies. Try to complete all your work on time, otherwise you may have to suffer loss later. Making notes and studying will prove beneficial.


There will be some troublesome time regarding money related matters. You will feel frustrated inside because of money being stuck somewhere. A person is completely dependent on you, so be cautious before taking any decision, take any step thoughtfully. Be limited about your work on the field and avoid referring your work to others. Time is good for marriage. Marriage totals are being made for married people.


It would be better for you to stay away from this person to keep things running smoothly on the field. Try to lead a disciplined life for a healthy life. Do regular yoga and exercise. Keep your eyes and ears open. Someone may try to create a misunderstanding between you and your partner, be cautious. Do not give anyone to drive your vehicle.


There may be problem in completing a project in a given period, hard work will have to be done. It is a good habit to spend time with others, but putting things on your heart can prove to be dangerous for your health, so refraining from engaging in any kind of things can prove beneficial for your health.


There are chances of increasing dignity in society. One has to get up and sit with the highly respected people. People who spend more time on travel should be a little cautious, there may be health related problems. Time will be difficult for relationships. There will be sudden problems. Things are pointing towards uncertainty, so stay alert. Avoid any disputes and debates with your partner.

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