What is the Vedic Ways to strengthen your Bond with Lover?

What is the Vedic Ways to strengthen your Bond with Lover?
Vedic Ways to strengthen your Bond with Lover

No one has the control on their own feelings. When you fall in love with someone then you did not plan about something. Love is a beautiful feeling that is experience by the couples. Once couples are in the love they make it sustain that needs a lot of the efforts and planning. If there is absence of the efforts the way of falling in the love has become a cakewalk so it is the falling out of the love. There are sometimes it wreaks havoc in the lives of another partner.

There are some of the youngsters just they cannot get over it and their lives fall apart personally as well as professionally. If you are one of them who is scared of the love life and have such unfortunate end or you want to work on to strengthen the love life then consult our specialist astrologer. He will help you to strengthen your bond stronger. Our astrologer has brought effective vedic astrology predictions and ways to deal with the issues that are arising in your love life. By regularly availing these remedies and doing these little things can do wonders in your love life even these remedies are helpful to bring lost lover back in your life.

Below mention are few steps that will help you to provide the solution of love relationship problems and strengthen your bond with your lover:

  • For make your bond strengthen with lover you can chant the given below mantra for the three times on a rosary that is made up of a crystal beads. The rosary should be of the crystal beads. While you are chanting the mantra keep in front of you the images of the lord Vishnu and goddess lakshmi. You should be done this for the three months regularly. It is considered as the sure shot way to strengthen your bond with your lover or a spouse.

“Om Lakshmi Naryana Namah”

  • During the month of the Monsoon or Shravan women should wear the green bangles. As well wear the white colored clothes on Thursday. These rituals help to please the planet Venus. Venus is also planet of love and relationship.
  • If you truly wants to strengthen your bond with lover then lighten a diya or the candle in the south west corner of your home. You have to take the soil of the beneath your partner’s feet and put it in a soft cloth along with the 21 grains of the Urad dal and seven cloves. Now all you need to do is that pray for the strong bond with the partner and name the God/Goddess you believe the most. Throw this bundle into a lake or a river.
  • Write the name of your lover on a betel lead and then dip it into honey. It helps to attract the person you want to your life.
  • Meet your lover on the full moon night, it helps to strengthen the bond between you two.
  • If you want to win the love of a person of your choice then take the name of your lover and offer a flute to any temple of Lord Krishna.
  • Give away the red shawl to the Goddess Durga in a nearby temple of your home and then pray for your love life to be happy and prosperous forever.
  • If you want to get married to the love of your life then both unmarried boys and girls can keep the fast on the Mondays on the quick succession of the 16 Mondays. Monday is considered the most auspicious day and celebrates the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. If you want to get quick results and remedies then consult our astrologer.

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