Vastu Tips to Solve the quarrel among Family Members

Vastu Tips to Solve the quarrel among Family Members
Vastu Tips to Solve the quarrels among Family Members

In today's time, every person's life is so mundane that there is no time to talk to each other properly. Every person wants the atmosphere of the house to be pleasant when he comes to his house. In every family, there is a lot of noisy talk, but when things start increasing and a quarrel in the family starts, then it becomes a cause of tension. In such a house, there is not an atmosphere of happiness and peace for even a moment. Mother Laxmi also does not live in the houses where there is noise and quarrel all the time. There can be many reasons behind this, there is no quarrel in the house, there are many reasons behind it. Also, if there is a Vastu defect in the house, then the family starts suffering due to negativity. You can take some measures to prevent this.

Pyramids have been considered very important in Vastu. It is believed that the pyramid has the ability to change the property of any object. Vastu says that if a situation of tribulation is occurring in the house, then pyramid should be placed in the igneous angle ie south-eastern part of the house. Due to this, there is less discord in the house and positive thoughts come to the mind of the family members as well as prevention from diseases and provides solution of family problem.

If there is a tension situation in the husband and wife, then a big photo of Radha and Krishna should be put in the bedroom. Apart from this, the husband and wife can also put any such photo in the bedroom in which both of them are happy together. Put this picture in such a place, where you keep an eye on it as you go. This increases love for husband and wife.

If the situation of tribulation continues in your house then install the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shri Hari Vishnu in your house. Their pair together depicts a happy married life. Which relieves the stress situation in your home.

One should take a pinch of saffron in water and bathe daily. Along with this, saffron tilak should also be applied every day. It gives mental peace. This helps in removing the situation of discord in the house and it is believed that it also awakens your destiny.

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