Vastu Tips to Keep Positive Energy in your Home

Vastu Tips to Keep Positive Energy in your Home
Vastu Tips to Keep Positive Energy in your Home

According to Vastu Tips, both positive and negative energies continue to enter the house. Whereas positive energy is good on every side, peace and peace among family members is good, on the other hand, negative energy at home leads to increasing sickness, financial troubles and estrangement in the house. Apart from this, even if you work hard, you do not get favorable results. There are some remedies mentioned in Vastu Shastra which can be brought to home by bringing happiness and prosperity and prosperity.

Vastu principles improve a living space, according to the principles of harmony and energy flow. The main door of a house is the entry point for energy. “A door that opens outward pushes energy away from home. So, have the main door opening clockwise. Opportunities may be limited if the door does not open fully. Ensure that the lobby near the main door is not dark. Good lighting stimulates positive flow of energy and promotes balance and harmony within the premise. Every house should have a threshold on the floor, at door frame. It protects the house from external negative influences.

  1. Never put pictures of deities or ancestors in the bedroom. Putting pictures of Gods and Goddesses, we get peace and inspiration. It is good to put their pictures in the south-west.
  2. Keep in mind that feet should never remain towards the door at bedtime. The bed head should be in the east or south direction of the bedroom. In homes where there is a front door in the bedroom, there is disease or tribulation.
  3. Never while eating, your mouth should be towards south direction. Eating by facing east or north, provides healing. If you want to know more then consult the best astrologer.
  4. It is said in the scriptures that Lord Ganesha takes every disaster, so if the statue of Ganesha of white color is placed on the main door of the house, then it is very ominous. Ganesha's idol should be installed with white colored stone for happiness and prosperity and black stone for obstruction.
  5. Place the water tank on the roof in the west or west corner of the building. Roof water tank should never be overflowed or dripped to avoid financial loss. The drainage pipe of the house, bathroom and kitchen water in the north, east or north-east is considered to be Vastu-agreed.

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