Vastu Tips to Fill your Life with Immense Happiness

Vastu Tips to Fill your Life with Immense Happiness
Vastu Tips to Fill your Life with Immense Happiness

Everyone wants to be successful in life and for this he gives his 100 percent. Life can be made happy and successful even by following the rules of Vastu Shastra. If you decide to do something once in your heart, then no one can stop you from being successful.

Necessary success in every field

From student life to setting career, one has to go through many ups and downs in life. Even after reaching a very high level of age, everyone needs good luck. By making a little change in the Vastu of the house, you can not only take the path of success in your career, but you can also make your personal life very happy.

Vastu Tips for Good Luck

Many rules have been told in Vastu Shastra to maintain our good fortune and happiness in life. Know about such special Vastu tips.

1. Always keep in mind that dry or withered flowers are not kept anywhere in the house. They bring negative energy in the house. Especially the flowers offered in the temple of your home one day before must be removed the next day.

2. Take out one roti from your food daily for the cow. Put some sugar and ghee in it. If possible, feed the cow with your own hands.

3. Place an idol of a pair of elephants just outside the main entrance of your house and go out after seeing them. With this good luck always remains and the house is protected. Due to this, any kind of negative energy does not enter inside the house.

4. Place a windchime in your bedroom at such a place, from where the wind comes. The stress level automatically reduces due to the relaxation that comes from the thumping sound of the windchime. Along with this, the atmosphere of the house is also filled with positive energy.


5. Never sweep the house twice. The negative energy ends with a broom-wipe once and the positive energy is also eliminated by doing it a second time.

6. While sleeping, keep your head in such a direction that when you wake up in the morning, it should be towards the north-east direction. Kuber ji resides in this direction and by doing so, there is an increase in your happiness and prosperity.

7. Offer water to the Sun God with a copper vessel every morning to make up for the spoiled work. This will open the doors of your progress.

8. If any member of the house is going out for some work, then keep in mind that no bucket is kept empty in the bathroom. According to Vastu, one should always keep a blue colored bucket filled with clean water in the bathroom. By doing this good luck rains and you get success in life.

9. Never look at the mirror first thing in the morning. If you do this, then wrong things will happen to you throughout the day, which will make you sad. Look at such a picture in the morning, which gives you positive energy.

10. Don't forget to eat food in your bedroom. To do so is a sign of poverty. Always eat food while sitting in the kitchen or dining area.