20 Effective Vastu Tips to Bring Positivity in Home

20 Effective Vastu Tips to Bring Positivity in Home
Home Vastu Tips

Do you know, each person has their own aura. Aura means the invisible energy surrounding our body. This energy creates our good or bad image in society and household. Just as a human aura is, so does our home aura. If the aura of your house will be positive and auspicious then problems can be relieved. If there is negative energy in the house, then the aura can also show bad effects. For this reason, such things should be kept in the house, so that we can also get positive energy from the aura of the house.

1. The entrance of the house should always be kept clean. There should always be adequate lighting at the entrance. By doing this, positive energy always comes in the house.

2. If possible, make a slightly higher wooden threshold at the entrance. So that the outside garbage cannot be inside. Garbage also increases Vastu defects.

 3. Ganeshji idol or photo or sticker etc. can be placed at the entrance. If you want, you can write high on the door. By making these auspicious signs at the entrance of the house one gets the grace of the Gods and Goddesses.

4. Put a beautiful picture of flowers in front of the entrance. The picture of sunflower flowers to be placed in front of the gate is considered holy and auspicious.

5. Do not keep the darkness in the southwest corner (south-west area) of the house and do not put a bright light bulb in the south-west angle (north-west area).

6. Members of the household should live in mutual cooperation and peace. Fighting, quarreling or shouting speak badly on the aura.

7. If there is any dry tree or stump around the house, it should be removed immediately. According to Vastu, dry trees or stumps can increase negative energy in the house. There should be beautiful and green trees around the house.

8. If there is a basil plant in the house, then many types of Vastu defects remain away. Lamps should also be placed near the basil plant in the evening. For more information you can consult famous astrologer in world.

9. For interior decoration, some such artifacts are used which are dry stub or negative shape. All these dead objects: decorative items are not considered good in Vastu Shastra, so avoid using them as well.

10. If decorating the flowers in the drawingroom, then it is important to keep changing them daily. Since when these flowers wither then negative energy comes out from them. 

11. Sometimes negative objects are seen from bedroom window like dry tree, smoke coming out of factory chimney etc. To avoid such scenes, cover the windows.

12. Electrical transformers are attached to or near the main gate of any building from which sparks are emitted. Such scenes also spread negative energy.

13. Stubborn shapes created due to dampness on the walls of rooms within the old building are also indicative of negative energy. Get such walls repaired immediately.

14. Do not place scrap or waste on the roof of the house. If necessary, place it in a corner. Keeping junk and waste items puts pressure on the minds and minds of family members. This also leads to Pitra dosha.

15. The more natural the house looks, the more its aura will be upgraded. To give the natural look of the house, use trees, plants, open spaces around, natural stones, pottery etc. on the walls that look far away.

16. To maintain the aura of the house it is necessary that the plaster of the house is not uprooted. If a little bit of plaster is uprooted from somewhere, get it repaired immediately.

17. While making color at home, make sure that the paint is the same. The shades may be more than one but the shades should be well aligned.

18. There should be no dirty sewer, dirty pond, crematorium, or cemetery around the house. This also makes a difference to the aura.

19. No matter how old the house is, periodically its repair, paint, etc. should be done so that newness and freshness can be maintained.

20. Clocks which are locked in the house, either remove them or turn them on. Closed watches are harmful. They emit negative energy.

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