Know the Important Vastu Tips For Study Room

Know the Important Vastu Tips For Study Room
Vastu Tips for Study Room

Education has great importance in life, because an uneducated man is like an animal. Education creates the complete character of the person, so each parent places special emphasis on the education of his child. Despite having all the facilities, if the child does not mind studying, then the study room should be made according to Vastu tips. Therefore, there should be such a system in the study room that the children should be more inclined towards their studies and their mind can be concentrated and devoted to their goals. Students should not study at night for long, because they should not study at night for long because there is a strong possibility of problems like stress, irritability, anger, visual defects, stomach disease etc. Studying 4 hours in Brahmamuhurta or morning is equivalent to 10 hours of night. Because in the morning there is clean and positive energy transmission, which keeps both mind and body healthy.

Study room should be of light colors

  • Study room in the house should be built in northeast or north direction. Never build study hall near the toilet.
  • Use light colors in the room Use light colors in the study room. Such as light yellow, pink, sky, light green etc. For more information you can consult world famous astrologer.
  • Do not keep the reading table adjacent to the wall. Do not keep the reading table adjacent to the wall. Always keep the spine straight while reading. Do not read while lying down or bending. The reading material should be kept at a distance of about one feet from the eyes.

Keep face in this direction while reading

  • In the study room, keep the reading table in east or north direction and while studying, the face should be in north or east direction. By looking towards these directions, you get positive energy, which increases the memory power and develops the intellect. The table should never be in the south igneous and south or north-west angles.
  • Do not place the window or skylight in the study room in the east or north or west, possibly in the south or south.
  • Make the bookcase in the study room in the east or north direction and must be cleaned once a week. One should worship Lord Ganesha regularly by putting a photo of Ganesh in the cupboard.

What should be in the study room and what should not

  1. According to the astrology prediction never build toilets in the study hall.
  2. The color combination of study room is white, drab, faded sky or light turquoise color is best on the walls and table-furniture. Especially the study room should not have black, red, dark blue color.
  3. The entrance of the study room should be east-north central or west. The south should not be igneous and in the north or north.
  4. Rake and table of practice books in the study room should be attached to the north wall.
  5. Drinking water, temple, clock should be kept in north or east direction in the study room.
  6. Do not keep TV, magazine, pornography and CD players and video games, scrap paper, waste items and heavy items in the study room.
  7. Idealist pictures, pictures of Saraswati Mata and gurus should be installed in the study room.
  8. Pictures and idols of war, fight-fights, violent animals and birds should not be kept.
  9. Do not sleep in the study room.
  10. Do not keep the study room higher or lower than the ground floor of other rooms. The slope of the floor should be kept towards east or north.
  11. Only meditation, spiritual reading, discussion and study should be done in the study room. Do not discuss gossip, indulgence and vulgar acts.
  12. Wearing shoes and socks should not enter the study room.

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