Vastu Tips for Placing Mirror: How it affects your Love Life & Luck?

Vastu Tips for Placing Mirror: How it affects your Love Life & Luck?
How it affects your Love Life & Luck

Mirror not only makes us aware of ourselves, but also opens the doors of our destiny. Just as the mirror is necessary for us, in the same way it also has a different importance from the perspective of Vastu. According to the experts of Vastu, the mirror has a lot of importance for the appearance of the face as well as your luck.

According to astrology consultancy, mirrors are important elements, not just for home decoration but also as per Vastu Shastra. People who want to make their home Vastu-compliant, need to be cautious about the placement of mirrors in their homes, as it can be a source of positive or negative energy. Mirrors have a great impact on the overall vibe of your home, which makes it important to take proper precautions while deciding the right position of mirrors in your home, as well as in office.

If you are also committing some mistakes related to the mirror, then it is possible that your health, money and progress may be in trouble due to this.

1. In Vastu Shastra, the mirror is said to be a source of positive energy and a pleasant feeling. The people living in the house may face a lot of problems by applying it in any corner of the house, so it is very important to have them in the right direction.

2. Also place mirrors above the wash basin on the north or east wall in the north-east angle of the house. It is auspicious.

3. It is beneficial to place mirrors in east and north direction and north east of the building.

4. By keeping the glass in a small and narrow place in the house, a miraculous effect is created.

While placing a mirror in any corner of the house, it should be kept in mind that auspicious things should be reflected in it.

6. By putting mirrors face to face on the walls of the room, the members of the house continue to have problems of restlessness and confusion.

7. It is said in Vastu Shastra that never cut the mirror in any shape from your mind and bring it home, it can be harmful to do so.

8. While placing a mirror on the walls of the house, make sure that the mirror is not at the very top or very bottom. Doing so may cause headaches to household members.

9. Immediately remove the mirror in front of the bed in the bedroom of the house, because the presence of the mirror here can destroy marital relation and cause husband wife dispute and mutual love.

10. Having a mirror right in front of the bed creates tension in the marital relationship of the husband and wife. Due to this, a third person can also enter between the husband and wife.

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