Vastu Tips for Good Husband Wife Relationship

Vastu Tips for Good Husband Wife Relationship
Vastu Tips for Good Husband Wife Relationship

It is natural to have differences between husband and wife in married life. Wherever there are two people, it is normal to have differences. But if small differences grow into big differences, then it becomes a matter of concern. Later on, it becomes the cause of constant quarrels and debates, which have a negative effect on the children apart from the husband and wife themselves. To avoid these negative effects and to have a happy married life, the architect is telling 7 Vastu Tips.

1- For a better married life, it is necessary to have Vastu-compliant north west direction. Always keep it neat and clean. The arrangement of bedroom for the newly married couple should also be in the north-west direction. The husband and wife living in the bedroom located here maintains interest in each other and good relations are established between them.

2- While the bedroom made in the north west is very good for newly married couples, if you want to choose a bedroom for a long stay or if you are the head of the house, then the south-west direction is better for your bedroom. is option. It will provide stability to life as well as improve relationships.

3- Keep in mind that the shape of the bed should be square and it should be made of wood. Apart from this, its design should not be too complicated and strange. Otherwise it will make you feel mentally uncomfortable while sleeping. Arrange the beds in the room in such a way that while sleeping, your head should be in the south or west direction.

4- To avoid any kind of stress in married life, do not make bedroom in south-east direction. And if there is already a bedroom here, then married people should not use it.

5- Use only light colors for the walls and furniture in the bedroom. Do not fill the room with unnecessary items it makes couples seek love problem solution.

6- The kitchen should not be constructed in the north-east direction. The kitchen built here spoils the relationship between husband and wife. It is best to construct the kitchen in the south-east direction.

7- Keep wedding and family related photos, photo albums etc. in the south-west direction. By doing this, a good understanding is seen between the husband wife problem towards each other and the atmosphere of harmony remains in the family.

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