Vastu Tips for Bedroom: Follow these tips to make your life happy

Vastu Tips for Bedroom: Follow these tips to make your life happy
Vastu Tips for Bedroom

With the help of Vastu Shastra, a positive energy and good feelings are increased in our life. Which make our life more happy. If you adopt these Vastu Shastra methods in your bedroom, then your everyday environment and life will become positive and happy.

1. The directions of rooms according to Vastu

Main bedroom - It should be in the southwestern part of the house.

Children's room - The west facing room should be a children's room.

Guest Room - East direction room should be of guests.

Study Room - Study room should be built in the south eastern part of the house.

2. Where to put beds according to Vastu

Never place the bed in front of the door. It is good to sleep by facing towards south and east direction. This makes both your sleep and life good.

3. Sleeping position according to Vastu

The best direction of sleep has been considered as the southern direction. By sleeping on foot towards the north, you have good luck and luck. Gold and wealth increase on footing towards the east.

4. Color in bedroom according to Vastu

Colors not only make our world shiny but it also makes a difference in our mood, health and happiness.

Paint your room with lighter colors like cream, pink or white. Avoid using dark colors. The room should always be well decorated and viewable. Keep your bedroom clean and organized.

5. Furniture according to Vastu

Keeping the furniture in the bedroom in the right place gives you home filling. According to Vastu we should place heavy furniture like cupboards in the south, south-west or west direction. Safe or locker should be placed on the southern wall and make sure it is open in the northern direction.

It is considered auspicious. Keeping the directions in mind increases the positive energy in the house. Never place the glass on the door of the cupboard, it can increase negative energy. If you want to know more then consult world famous astrologer.

6. Electronic gadgets according to Vastu

It is good to have no TV in the bedroom as it can spoil our sleep. But if you want, you can put TV in the southeast direction of your bedroom. Keep the TV at a distance from the bed. Electronic gadgets such as computers, mobile phones will also be good if kept away from the bedroom.

7. Other tips for bedroom according to Vastu

  • The first thing you see as soon as you enter the room should be something good like a family photo.
  • Always keep the bathroom door closed.
  • Avoid making bedrooms in the center or center of the house.
  • Avoid placing the mirror in front of the bed. It is not good for our health.
  • Avoid using electronic gadgets inside the bedroom.
  • Replace broken furniture.
  • Use a round shaped bed with regular-shaped bed.
  • The bedroom door should not be broken. If it is broken somewhere, get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Be careful not to sound the door while opening and closing the door.
  • Use wooden beds.

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