Vastu Tips for Bathroom & it Helps to Save Money

Vastu Tips for Bathroom & it Helps to Save Money
Vastu Tips for Bathroom & it Helps to Save Money

Directions are of utmost importance while building a house according to Vastu. From bedroom to bathroom and kitchen to drawing room, everything needs to be in the right direction. Today we are going to talk about bathroom. In which direction the bathroom should be and what should be kept in mind while making a bathroom in the new house.

This should be the direction of the bathroom

It is important to take special care of the direction in which the bathroom is in your house. According to Vastu, the direction of the bathroom should be North-West. Having a bathroom in this direction indicates that the contaminants are going out of your house in the right direction, for more information consult world famous astrologer.

Bathroom Door

Nowadays it is seen that some people do not install wooden doors in the bathroom in order to save money or because the wood does not get spoiled. Don't forget to do this. Install a good quality wooden door in the bathroom. If you want, you can get an aluminum sheet at the bottom to protect it from water. Never install a metal door in the bathroom. It is believed in Vastu that the metal door does not stop the negative energy from coming out and in such a situation the environment of your house gets spoiled and your health is also affected.

Why it is important to always keep the bathroom door closed

Some people have a habit that when they come out of the bathroom, they just leave the door open. According to Vastu, this is considered to be the biggest defect. If you do this too, then rectify this habit now. With the bathroom door open, all the negative energy comes out. It is believed that this negative energy creates obstacles in your career and also spoils your personal relations.

Do not put these things on the bathroom door

Don't forget to put any showpiece or any religious statue on the door of the bathroom it helps to avoid husband wife dispute. Doing this is considered a great dosha and problems start increasing in your house.

Keep This In Mind

According to Vastu, neither the worship room nor your bed should be adjacent to any wall of the bathroom. If your bed is adjacent to the wall of the bathroom, then you may have nightmares at night and you may be disturbed. You may have poor sleep at night.

Basin and bathing place should be in this direction

Regarding the direction in which the basin and the place of bath should be in the bathroom, Vastu says that its proper direction should be East, North or North-East. North direction is considered to be the most suitable direction for bathing in Vastu.

Drainage should be in this direction

The flow of water in the bathroom should be in North, East or North-East direction. The slope of the bathroom should be in this direction. Bathroom water should also flow in this direction. Whenever you get your house built, keep this in mind.

Take care of the toilet seat

The most important thing to keep in mind in the bathroom is in which direction the toilet seat should be? Keep in mind that it should be placed in the west or north-west direction in the bathroom. It is believed that this direction is best suited for the removal of contaminants from the body.

Window In The Bathroom

It is also very important to have a window in the bathroom so that the sunlight also comes properly and the air also comes. The window in the bathroom should be in the east or north-east direction so that light and air can come in better. It is very important to have ventilation in the bathroom so that harmful bacteria can go out. Install exhaust fan in the bathroom in the same direction.

Color Use In Bathroom

The best colors for the interior of the bathroom should be such that they are quite natural. That is, light brown, cream, white or light green. Do not use black and dark blue in the bathroom.

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