Vastu Tips For A Home Filled With Love, Prosperity, Joy & Happiness

Vastu Tips For A Home Filled With Love, Prosperity, Joy & Happiness

Vastu Tips For A Home Filled With Love, Prosperity, Joy & Happiness

Indian Vastu Shastra is known to be a highly influential science, which studies the effect of directions and energies on human beings in the context of the building in which they reside. It talks about how to benefit from the effects of these directions and how to protect yourself from the ill effects of these directions. It is important to know how you can increase the love, happiness, peace, joy and prosperity of your family members by following the principles of this wonderful science which is so interesting and effective.

Here are some Vastu tips designed to help you build a home with arrangements according to this science so that your home members can enjoy an atmosphere of happiness, joy and peace in whatever they do Be successful in that. Read through these simple yet highly effective Vastu tips that can bring a beautiful change in your life.

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For the prosperity and success of the family members

If you have set up your home and office as per the principles of Vastu Shastra then you will experience an inflow of wealth in your life which will help you grow professionally. Once you are able to set your career or business on the right track, you will be able to solve many problems that have been troubling you for a long time. You will become a more confident person. All you have to do is take care of these things and you will feel the difference.

You should keep in mind some of these important places of your business as they affect your prosperity.

• North East is the best corner to meditate or set up your office desk as it is the corner of knowledge. Do not keep your store room on this side. Make sure this part of the building is free of clutter and garbage. Do not put stairs in this direction.

• South East is the corner for wealth. If this corner is perfectly balanced, you will enjoy a regular inflow of money. You should keep your safe or the cupboard in which you keep your cash and jewelry. This almirah or vault should open in the north direction. This is not the right direction to keep the bedroom.

• The East direction should be your drawing room or meeting area for finalizing deals as it is responsible for your interactions with the world.

Make sure you focus on all these directions while setting up your home or office and you will enjoy success and prosperity in your life.

For the joy and happiness of the family members

Who doesn't want a family that is bonded and each member of the family is connected to the others? Sometimes due to circumstantial factors, problems crop up in relationships without any reason and love and affection in the company fade away. For that, it is important that you maintain the right Vastu in your house so that all the people living in that house love each other and enjoy an environment full of positivity, love and affection.

• Never put a television in the bedroom to watch

• Always keep the door of the attached bathroom and toilet closed.

• Never share the bed mattress or bed sheet for a healthy relationship with the spouse.

• Make sure you have enough light at all corners

• Do not let any filth accumulate in your house.

• There should not be a dining room which is towards the entrance of the house.

• Do not use mops and brooms in your kitchen. Keep them in such a place where they are not visible and keep them upside down.

• Make sure the windows and doors of the house open inwards.

• Do not place mirrors in front of your bed or inside your kitchen

• Do not plant cactus plants in your home

• If possible place a happy family portrait in your living area

• Make sure that the shape of your room is square or rectangular.

• Make sure the home has adequate sources of natural light and air.

• Never wear torn clothes.

• Keep the children's room in the west direction. If not possible then North-West, North-East and South-East directions are the next best options.

• Keep the center of the children's room empty. Don't put any furniture there.

• Make sure the location of the bed is not opposed to the door.

• Do not plant dry or artificial flowers. Go for fresh flowers and replace them as needed.

No matter whether you are living in a rented apartment or you are living in your own house, all these tips can be followed and if you do them in the right way then surely you can make these changes in your life. are going to experience the wonderful effects of.

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