Vastu Remedies to Earn Money Fast

Vastu Remedies to Earn Money Fast
Vastu Remedies to Earn Money Fast

Who doesn't like money? In today's time people ask only those who have money. Heart fills with love but stomach fills with money. Now whether it is for food or for a good lifestyle, money is needed in everything. We do not need to tell you how important money is in life because you know the importance of money very well.

All the basic necessities of life are fulfilled by money. From getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night, you don't know how many times you need money. Not a day goes by when you don't have to put your hand in your pocket and withdraw money. We also work hard night and day to get money but still success does not come and consult world famous astrologer.

Not only will this come by working hard, but you will also have to take full care of Vastu. In today's time, Vastu plays an important role in everyone's life. Vastu has an impact from home to business. If you are also working hard for money and success is not happening, then in today's post we will tell you about Vastu tips to earn money.

Vastu tips to earn money

1. Take special care of the north direction of the house

According to Vastu Shastra, the north direction of the house is the direction of Lord Kuber, who is called the God of wealth. Therefore, always keep the north direction of the house clean. By doing this, there is never any shortage of money in the house. Along with the north direction, you should keep the entire house clean so that Maa Lakshmi can also enter the house easily.

2. Place the place of worship in the Northeast

Worship should be built in the North-East direction in business places, shops, offices, etc. because the North-East direction is called the north-east, which is the direction of God and this direction has been given the most importance in Vastu Shastra. If it is not natural to build a temple in this direction, then put a picture of the rising sun in this direction. By doing this, the inflow of money accelerates.

3. Do this remedy in the north direction of the house

According to Vastu, there should be a place of water in the north direction of the house. The color of the walls of the north side of the house should be blue and if there is a water tank in the house, then conch shell, silver coin or silver tortoise should be kept in it. This increases the inflow of the cube and prevents the misuse of money.

4. Take care of water drainage

According to Vastu, water drainage in the house should be from South or West direction. Due to proper drainage, there is no nifty predictions problem in the house and the shortage of money is avoided.

5. Put a picture of Maa Lakshmi on the vault of the house like this

Put a picture of Lakshmi ji sitting on a lotus at the door of the vault of the house and bathing with the trunk of white elephants, this always keeps money coming in the house and the misuse of money stops.

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