The Problem of Conversation in a Relationship

The Problem of Conversation in a Relationship

In our Indian societies conversations between two partners become difficult many times We live in a society where all are bound with the norms and traditions. I am ancient era women are bound to live in veneer .women have to live in restriction and couldn't allow communicating freely. The people are accustomed to living with orthodoxy notions that prevent them to communicate freely. Many imaginary moments come in the way of life which are depressing and people couldn't express suitably. The couple afflicts heavily with the problem of frustration in relation. The communication issues in relationships are mitigating after the arrival of modernity in the trend.  Previously due to the respect of elders and certain norms People, unable to express what’s on their minds.

Communication issues in relationships lead to the gap and the partner couldn't acknowledge the disposition of each other., At some point, nearly all of us have communication problems. The partner should try to communicate clearly in a minor manner also many couples have to end up their relationship because of miscommunication or could not Speak properly on many matters and this leads to conflict and departs some time.

Ways To Improve The problem Of Conversation In a Relationship

We all have many issues in our relationship so due to to the lack of conversation, we cannot solve it and it can cause serious consequences. Communication between partners is necessary because if you can not communicate then you are creating distance in your relationship and opening the gates of misunderstanding it is necessary to express your feelings in front of a partner to make your relationship strong and to become closer to each other.

Many times we commit mistakes then apologizing after committing a mistake is necessary. It brings closeness to the relationship .and if you are not speaking to each other then this behavior creates misunderstanding and distance in both partners The quietness dig the hole of bitterness in the heart of each other. Remaining silent is dangerous for the health. The silent behavior of your partner in the relationship gives a negative impact. and sometimes leads to serious issues. It also affects the health of your partner according to a psychiatrist, if there is no proper communication between the partners, it gives rise to psychological afflictions like depression and anxiety, and other health issues. Sometimes relations cannot work and lead to a breakdown or divorce.  The reason for the breakdown many times is due to lack of communication. Both the partners need proper communication to comprehend inner feelings and understand them properly. Lack of communication creates loneliness and difficulty in deciding and reaching goals in your life. It also develops a negative perception in the mind of your partner.

Solve this problem according to human psychology, Every person has certain desires and expectations from their partner. you have to observe the style of your partner's behavior including hobbies and dislikes.  Then attempt to communicate politely regarding his needs. This is the attachment theory, which brings. close both the people.

If there is meta -emotion I.e the mismatch of feelings between two people then one partner feels to discuss the issue but the other tried to avoid it then allow your partner to disclose his feeling before concluding. Both partners should attempt to conversate so that they find out the solution to the problem.

Sometimes the reason for bitterness in your relationship is due to the painful past, events that happened in your life and couldn't be resolved like betrayal or some extramarital affairs. To bring amendment in your relationship both partners should move forward by better communication and strive hard to rebuild trust and respect. They should willing to forgive each other