The problem arises due to poor communication in the family

The problem arises due to poor communication in the family
The problem arises due to poor communication in the family

All human beings express their feelings by using words and language as a mode of communication.

 Most of us speculate that we spent a lot of time in a family-like with a spouse, other family members, our communication with them should be very simple and understandable.

Interpersonal communication with the people we know very well is more difficult than communicating with people we hardly know at all. The study implies that difficulties in communicating with our loved ones and friends come from various factors.

First, most people extremely overvalue their capacity to communicate effectively.  There are many times when we guess that we are comprehended, and our family and friends received the correct message. Because we communicate with our friends and family repeatedly, there are numerous chances of being misunderstood. Proper communication not only needs words but also they are based on the feeling of another person to listen carefully. We all are living in the Indian society where all the family members live together and give their contribution in all types of matters The decision is mostly taken by our elders. The first thing is why proper communication is necessary for families. A family wanting strong communication is like a boat without a rudder. It will stumble in the quiet waters and will become dangerously out of supervision in a storm. To prevent a 'person from such a type of disaster, it is important to comprehend the barriers that come in the way of family communication. For active communication in the family, assure that every partner is listening and understanding properly, and also necessary to consider your views.

The importance of communication is truly reflected when the children need guidance. There are Many problems among family members occur because of miscommunication. Arriving together to speak about a special crisis can unlock the cords of communication so you can discover solutions to what is adversely influencing both of you.  The reason behind this is a lack of communication.

Better communication with all family members give support in adverse circumstances by motivating the person.
A family network assists every one of its members in the nice and the awful times. When a family discusses nicely, everyone comprehends what adored ones need, by providing support. Even in the situation when the solution is not there but just listening by attentive ear makes all the sufficiency.

Fair communication assists in understanding the positive and negative impacts of the situations.

Family members often argue about how to handle the situation and their problems. it may be hard to give heed to their views but, occasionally it's nice to have a household member involved in the other member's decision by providing ideas to deal with the situation. This facilitates the individual approach to the problem to make a conscious decision about what distressed him.

Healthy communication between family members leads to strong bonding in the family 

Believing in family partners by discussing with them will enable  you to develop the affection you share and secure your bonds. , the family members each become abstracted in their individual lives, they like to live remotely and mostly ignore coming to the discussion table to speak about the society around them. When difficulties arise then if you have established a strong communicative ground with your family, then you are providing a shield for your family. to keep them safe.


Communicating with family members on an impartial basis is simple. Nonetheless, during controversies, it becomes difficult to communicate anything to the other person. express their views. It's crucial to communicate well otherwise, you will ruin the bond you have with that person for several years. Many families pass through such types of circumstances this and it results in a battle for not just the two in confrontation, but all  family members also involved .

If you frequently have family problems or you are presently living with your loved one, you should understand crisis solutions in the family. Good communication assists both people to spend their time in an understanding, way which is the purpose for all strong family connections.